Four Causes Why Home windows 11 Makes the Floor Higher

The Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets were an impressive lineup. Surface devices have gone through an incredible development since they were first released in 2012. The new generation of Microsoft's in-house Surface devices is getting even better with the brand new Windows 11.

Windows 11 is packed with lots of new features for everyone, but some features in the new operating system are better suited for Surface devices. As soon as you upgrade to Windows 11 on a Surface PC or tablet, you'll find that Surface really does get the most out of Windows 11. Without further delay, let's take a look at the different ways Windows 11 and Surface improve each other.

1. Better Windows Ink

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Windows Ink is Microsoft's incredible take on pen computing, and users can quickly capture ideas using touch devices or specialty pens. While Windows users have been doing ink on compatible Surface devices since its release, the new Surface Slim Pen 2 takes the ink experience to a whole new level.

The Surface Slim Pen 2 offers the user improved precision and a natural pen-on-paper feel thanks to its advanced tactile signals. The Surface Slim Pen 2 in combination with the Surface Pro 8 or the Surface Laptop Studio offers users an incredible ink experience that is highlighted by an incredible pressure sensitivity and shading function.


Currently, only select applications offer tactile signals, but we anticipate that Microsoft will make this feature available to a wider range of applications in the near future.

2. Multitasking takes on a whole new meaning

The Surface makes multitasking on Windows 11 very effective. If you use Surface for school, office, and leisure, you can use multiple desktop windows to be more productive. This feature is even better as Windows 11 keeps track of all the apps you use and picks them up from the same point.

You can even organize apps into groups and start them all at once with just one click. On Windows 11, once grouped for quick access, you can access Snap app groups from the Windows system tray.

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Another great feature in Windows 11 is that you can install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. In terms of productivity, this could mean using the Surface Pen to take notes on the Kindle Android app.

3. An optimized display experience

Image source: Microsoft

The combination of Surface and Window 11 gives you an incredible display that has been engineered to perfection. This includes an expanded brightness range for Surface displays with more precise control that allows you to use the Surface Laptop Studio in different lighting conditions. More importantly, the 3: 2 aspect ratio of the Surface displays is perfect for occasional surfing, working on code, or even editing Word documents.

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If you regularly use multiple monitors, you'll be happy that Windows 11 on Surface remembers how you've organized your apps even after you disconnect the extra screens. The next time you connect multiple monitors, Windows 11 will automatically configure your layout, saving you valuable time.

4. Advanced mode detection

Image source: Microsoft

Previously, you had to manually change the mode on a Surface device after switching to tablet mode. In Windows 11, Surface automatically switches to different modes by detecting how you are holding and using your device.

You can sign contracts in tablet mode, present on multiple screens in desktop mode or just write in laptop mode; No matter what you do, Surface will automatically detect your desired mode and change the Windows 11 user interface accordingly.

Windows 11 gets the best out of the interface

Microsoft has made significant improvements in Windows 11, making it ideal for use on Surface devices. The brand new Microsoft Surface SE is a significant release and is expected to rival the Chromebook.

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