Flappy Hen Has Been Turned Into an Interactive macOS Notification

Neil Sardesai created a clone of the original Flappy Bird game and integrated it into the Mac Notification Center.

We all surely remember the annoyingly addicting game Flappy Bird, which was removed from the App Store in 2014. Since then, developers have tried to recreate it, but none of these game versions have been able to replace the original.

Thanks to iOS engineer Neil Sardesai, the world famous game has made a comeback in a form no one could have imagined … as an interactive macOS notification.

Play Flappy Bird in your notification center

Neil Sardesai is the first developer to turn a full-size game into an interactive notification. As a result, he received a fully playable clone of the original version of the game. And since Sardesai downsized the game and made it only 28 KB, it fits in your Mac's notification center.

In one of the youngest iOS engineer's tweets, he showed off exactly what the Flappy Bird notification game looks like in action. It looks just like the original version of Flappy Bird and is just as easy to play.

The only difference is that instead of tapping the phone's screen, you have to click the mouse to make the bird fly. And yes, it's just as frustrating as ever.

Using the notification interactive features that came with macOS Big Sur for game development is a pretty original idea. Perhaps even Apple didn't have this in mind when it added the new UI framework for user notifications to this OS update.

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Could Doom be the next macOS notification?

When Sardesai was asked if it was possible to turn Doom into a Mac notification, he replied that it was worth a try. So who knows, maybe the next Mac interactive notification created by this developer will be the hugely popular shooter!

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