Finest Tech Items from Western Digital: Gaming Onerous Drives, SSDs and Extra

With the holidays approaching quickly, now is a good time to make sure you find something for everyone on your list. If there are tech geeks in your life, Western Digital has a wide variety of products to suit their needs. Whether for work (organizing and sharing important documents and pictures) or gaming (adding more memory to your game console), these products are a great upgrade and a great tech gift. The latest in high-speed, easy-to-use, and trusted storage solutions from Western Digital ensure that you always have a safe place for your digital goodies. So if you are vacationing shopping for yourself or a loved one, then read on to see our current favorites.


The explosion in digital game downloads in recent years has been a major driver of advances in external hard drive technology, and Western Digital has led the way with its excellent WD_BLACK product line. However, the D50 Game Dock is more than just an external SSD. It could be the ultimate portable PC gaming solution that doubles as a solid-state drive as well as an all-in-one hub for your laptop and gaming peripherals, rounded off with new RGB flashes.

The WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock SSD offers up to 2 TB of internal storage and a variety of connections, including two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a DisplayPort, two USB-C ports, three USB-A ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port and 3.5mm audio jack. This gives you all the connections you need to turn your laptop into a full-fledged gaming battle station with an external monitor (or even multiple displays), gaming keyboard, mouse, and headset, and high-speed ports for downloading and backing up Your digital game library.

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WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive for Xbox

WD_Black P10 Game Drive

External hard drives are no longer just for computers. With devices like the WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive for Xbox, you can also use your entire game library on the go – or just add memory on your console if you find the internal real estate is getting a bit thin. You can save Xbox Series X and Series S games and play your Xbox One favorites, so you can always transfer your current game collection to next-gen consoles when you're ready to take the plunge.

The WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive for Xbox is available with 1 TB *, 2 TB * or 5 TB * of storage space. As a nice bonus, you also get a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with the 1TB P10 game drive or two months with the 2TB and 5TB models **. This includes an Xbox Live Gold membership and gives you free access to more than 100 games that can be played on both Xbox and Windows 10 PC **.

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SanDisk microSD memory cards for Nintendo Switch

SanDisk Nintendo Switch memory card

Any Switch owner who has had the latest Nintendo console for a long time has the problem of not having enough space for games. The Switch is as impressive as it is and only has 32GB of built-in storage. This guarantees that it is only a matter of time before an upgrade can be performed. The console has a practical microSD connection for this purpose. So, if you've ever had to delete some games to make room for a new game to download, SanDisk's Nintendo Licensed Memory Card for Nintendo Switch is the perfect solution for you.

A lot of brands make microSD cards, but these from SanDisk – one of the top brands in portable storage technology – are officially licensed by Nintendo and are specifically designed to hold your Switch games. With transfer rates of up to 100 megabytes per second +, they offer high-speed performance for all of your favorite games. With capacities between 64 GB * and 512 GB * with different designs inspired by your favorite titles, there are numerous options available to suit your needs.

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My Cloud Home Personal cloud storage

Western Digital

If you are looking for another great digital storage option in the market, Western Digital is the place for you with their great My Cloud Home device. In essence, think of the My Cloud Home as a Wi-Fi enabled external hard drive: you simply connect it to your home or office wireless network and remotely transfer files from any of your synced devices to the My Cloud Home device. This acts as your own personal data cloud, giving you both the convenience of cloud storage and the peace of mind that your important data is backed up to a physical drive.

Of course, My Cloud Home can also be used completely offline thanks to a high-speed USB port that allows you to upload and download directly to the device like a normal external hard drive. You can also use the My Cloud Home app to share files such as memorable photos and videos with friends and family. The My Cloud Home personal cloud storage system is available in various sizes from 2 TB to 8 TB.

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* One gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes is used for storage capacity. The total available capacity varies depending on the operating environment

** Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial offer available for a limited time for 2 months (for 3TB and 5TB models) or 1 month (for 1TB models). Please refer to the product packaging for detailed information.

+ 128 GB – 512 GB: read speed of up to 100 MB / s; Write speed of up to 90 MB / s. 64 GB: read speed of up to 100 MB / s; Write speed of up to 60 MB / s. Based on internal testing; Performance may be lower depending on the host device's interface, conditions of use, and other factors. 1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes.

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