Finest Monitor Stands for 2020

Monitor stands help lift your monitor at least a few inches higher on your desk – an essential accessory if you have neck or back pain, especially if you have a monitor that you cannot easily adjust yourself, such as a monitor stand. B. an iMac. The best options also have storage spaces and other useful little features. However, you want to make sure that they are durable enough. In our top offers you will find a variety of stands that suit your particular monitor and requirements.

Twelve South HiRise Pro

Twelve South makes some notable products for Macs, and this HiRise booth is one of our favorites. It's an adjustable stand that fits the base of the iMac on four different levels up to a height of 3.66 inches. The top is made from padded leather so you can easily toss all of your keys on your phone without worrying about scratches. The front panel, which has both a walnut and aluminum side depending on how it looks, has a small shelf and storage space for everything you want to store, from AirPods and batteries to tools and external hard drives. On the back there is a slot for laying and managing all cables.

The big caveat here is that it is specifically designed for iMac monitors. There is a chance another monitor will fit, but this is not guaranteed at all.

Amada Bamboo Monitor Stand

This 16 inch bamboo stand looks beautiful – and while the design looks simple at first glance, it was designed for a wide variety of uses. The bottom area is large enough to store your keyboard and mouse when you're not using them, or it can hold textbooks, notebooks, storage drives, and many other potential accessories. At the top, you have a couple of short slots for phones and similar devices, as well as a longer slot for paper clips, pens, and other small supplies you might need.

While the first version of this stand maintains the natural bamboo look, there is also a black bamboo version that might go better with your accessories. So check out both of them before you decide.

Twelve South Curve Risers

If you didn't like the enclosed, vent-like look of our first Twelve South selection, give this one a look. It's a more minimalist option that supports monitors with a base up to 10 inches wide for stable and reliable support with about 4 inches of travel. The open shelf is an especially great option for installing in a dock that requires multiple cable connections, an audio interface accessory with easy access to dials, or even a Mac mini – although you can use it for other purposes too!

The disadvantage is that this stand is not adjustable at all. But it's also great for more than just iMacs, and the added compatibility is a handy feature.

Eutuxia Dual Monitor Stand

Well, what about those who have a dual monitor setup and want to stand for both monitors? You don't have to buy the same model twice, not with this dual monitor stand package waiting to help. Each stand is made from beautiful tempered glass and lifts monitors up to 20 pounds (20 pounds max). There are no explicit storage options, but you can store all kinds of accessories in the open space under the stand. Setting up these stands may require a little extra work that requires assembly and possibly some DIY adjustments to get them just right. However, they are very affordable and make a stylish choice for all types of workstations.

Simple housewares metal monitor stand

This mesh monitor stand has an additional height of 5.8 inches, ideal for those who use shorter desks. It's also great for home classrooms and streaming lessons that are used a lot: there's a sliding drawer in the center that's great for notebooks and physical textbooks, while two outside pockets are great for school supplies and other accessories. If you want a little more space, you can just remove the drawer and use that area for something else or even see how it works as a laptop stand.

AmazonBasics Premium wall mount

When looking for a stand, some people quickly find that they are thinking of a wall mount that allows them to position a monitor however they want, or to fold it back to add more desk space. While most AmazonBasics consumables are designed as affordable alternatives, this wall mount bracket is an exception: it's a high quality, rugged model that can be tilted, rotated, retracted, and moved for any type of surveillance position. It supports compatible monitors up to 25 pounds and, like most mounts, is designed for use with VESA compliant models.

EleTab gaming monitor desk mount

Are you looking for a cheaper table mount that compliments your playing style better? Designed for screens from 17 "to 32" and up to 17.6 pounds, this VESA-compatible mount compliments a gaming setup. While the all-metal design looks a bit like a robotic kite tail, it nonetheless includes hidden cable clips for alignment and management to keep things tidy. Settings include 180-degree rotation, 360-degree pan, and 45-degree tilt, and spring-based height adjustment, so you're sure to get exactly the position you need for comfort and playability.

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