You've really thought about it and decided that Google Chrome for Mac just isn't the browser for you. They have other browsers that you prefer, which makes sense as there are many great browsers for Mac out there.

Now you want to uninstall Chrome from your Mac. But you just don't want to see it anymore. You want to make sure it's completely gone, traces of data and everything.

We're here to help. Read on to learn how to uninstall Google Chrome and erase all of its data from your Mac in just a few steps.

Before uninstalling the Google Chrome application

Before uninstalling Google Chrome from your Mac, it is recommended that you clear your Google Chrome profiles and clear your browsing data. You may also want to uninstall Google Drive from your Mac to prevent data from staying online and getting back onto your Mac that way.

When you've done all of that, you can now uninstall the app yourself.

Uninstalling the Google Chrome app from your Mac will delete a lot of data, if not all, as the next section shows. Some data also remains on Google's servers or other devices you own that are synced with your Google accounts and Google apps.

This server information should be deleted if you want to permanently clean Google Chrome and its data from your Mac.

To remove your browsing data, open Google Chrome and click the three points Menu icon. Then click on More tools> Clear browsing data. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + Delete.

The menu

However you get there, a window to clear your browsing data will appear. Choose All the time of the Period of time Drop down menu and check each box in the list of data types. You should consider clicking that Progressive Tab and check all the boxes there too.

Hit the delete data Button, and your data will be wiped from Chrome, your Mac, and even Google's servers!

The window

Uninstall the Google Chrome application from your Mac

Now we can actually uninstall the Chrome app from your Mac. Quit the app completely by pressing Command + Q twice or Ctrl-click the Chrome app in your Dock and press Stop from the displayed menu. You can also force quit the app.

Next go to yours Applications Folder and find Google Chrome. Click and drag it onto your Mac rubbish Symbol. Dragging Chrome from your Dock to the Trash is just removing it from the Dock. You have to go to the applications folder to actually uninstall the app.

You can also Control-click and select the Chrome app move to Trash in order to do this.

The Google Chrome application is moved to the Trash in the Applications folder on a MacBook Pro

Now open the recycle bin and click on that Empty Button. The Google Chrome app will now be uninstalled from your Mac! If you still see the app, restart your Mac. It should go away completely.

Empty button in the trash on a MacBook Pro

How to Remove Google Chrome's Data from Your Mac

Although uninstalling the Google Chrome app removes a lot of its data, some parts still remain on your Mac, taking up space and potentially slowing down your Mac. Chrome is also draining your battery life, so removing the data from your Mac is pretty important.

To remove the data Chrome leaves on your Mac after uninstalling it, open a Finder window and click Open walk Drop down menu. Then choose Go to folder, which opens a window. You can call this window with the shortcut Shift + Command + G as.

Go to the folder selected in the Finder's Go menu

By doing Go to folder Window, type ~ / Library / Application Support / Google / Chrome. This tilde and the slash at the beginning of this text are important, so don't forget them! Once the text is in, press the walk Button.

Go to the Folder text box open in Finder with inputs to find Chrome data on a Mac

You will be redirected to the folder on your Mac where Google Chrome saved its data. Select everything in this folder by clicking Command + A. Then drag everything to the trash can icon or Ctrl + click the highlighted files and select move to Trash.

Chrome data in Finder all highlighted and right clicked with Move to Trash selected

As with uninstalling the Chrome app, open the trash and click Empty Button. All Google Chrome data will now be completely erased from your Mac!

If you still see some data in the Chrome folder, restart your Mac and check again. After restarting, it should be completely gone.

Uninstalling Chrome on Mac is easy once you know how to do it

Uninstalling the Google Chrome app from your Mac is a pretty straightforward process. But data is left behind if you don't follow each step above.

All you need to know is where to go to wipe this data off your Mac and Google servers so that it doesn't affect your Mac again in the future. We hope we helped you do this above


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