Find out how to Repair “The package deal ‘%@’ is lacking or invalid” macOS Monterey Improve Error

Have you just encountered a bug that says The package "% @" is missing or invalid while trying to update your Mac to macOS Monterey? Worst of all, it shows up right at the end of the massive 12GB download, which results in you having to download again. It drives you crazy.

But despite the cryptic nature of this "% @" macOS Monterey error message, it's fairly easy to fix. I know because I had to do it myself! Here are all the ways to do it.

The best solution: Update your current macOS version

The macOS Monterey bug that says The package "% @" is missing or invalid, occurs mainly due to pending updates that you still need to install for the current version of macOS.

Whether you are upgrading from macOS Big Sur, Catalina, or Mojave, this issue can usually be resolved if you take the time to fully upgrade the operating system before deciding to upgrade to macOS Monterey.

To install pending updates for the current version of macOS, open the Apple Menu and go to System settings > Software updates. But instead of clicking on that Upgrade now Button, select More info under the Other updates are available Section.

Then select all of the listed system software updates (including any app-specific updates) and select Install now. Your Mac should start downloading and installing them right away.

Restart your Mac after it finishes installing the updates, then go to the software updates section again. Choose this time Upgrade now. At the end of your macOS Monterey download, you shouldn't run into the "% @" error this time.

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Additional corrections if the package "% @" is missing or invalid

If you've already applied all of the pending updates for your current version of macOS, or if you're getting the% @ error again, here's what next you can do to resolve the problem.

Reset the PRAM

If you're using an Intel-based Mac, resetting the PRAM will usually help fix any update-related issues.

To do this, shut down your Mac and press the opportunity + CMD + P. + R. Buttons as soon as you turn it on again. Release the buttons the second time you hear the startup sound or see the Apple logo for the second time (if your Mac contains an Apple T2 security chip).

Disable FileVault

FileVault is a security-related feature that can conflict during a major macOS upgrade, especially since large amounts of data must be continuously encrypted over a long period of time.

To turn off FileVault, open your Mac's System settings and choose safety. Then switch to the Data vault Tab and select Disable FileVault.

Make sure to restart your Mac before making another attempt to upgrade to macOS Monterey.

Switch to Safe Mode

Upgrading to macOS Monterey in Safe Mode can also help fix the problem The package "% @" is missing or invalid because your Mac doesn't have to deal with conflicting startup programs, drivers, and extensions. To enter Safe Mode, press and hold layer Button as soon as you turn on your Mac until you see the login screen.

If you're using an Apple Silicon-based Mac, hold the power while turning on your Mac until you get the Start options Screen. Then select your startup disk, hold the layer Button again and select Continue in safe mode.

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Enjoy the new features of macOS Monterey

Installing pending updates before upgrading to macOS Monterey should definitely fix this annoying issue The package "% @" is missing or invalid Error. If not, you should work through the other fixes to get the download done without any issues.

Once you've successfully downloaded the macOS Monterey upgrade, it's always a good idea to save the installer in case you run into any other error during the installation phase.

How to install macOS and save the installer (in case you need it again)

It's really easy to save the macOS installer to avoid multiple downloads, and it's worth it even if you only have a Mac.

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