Find out how to Repair the No Digicam Hooked up 0xa00f4244 Error Code in Home windows 10

Are you trying to run the Camera app on Windows 10 but can't?

Maybe you will meet that 0xa00f4244 no cameras attached Error, or you may get a "We cannot find your camera" message. Sometimes the error message "No cameras connected" appears instead.

Do not worry. Follow these tested methods to resolve error code 0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached and restart your Windows camera again.

1. Check your antivirus program

Although the antivirus is a lifeline for all Windows computers, it has been known to occasionally cause problems with other programs running. To make sure your camera app doesn't, check your antivirus settings and see if it is blocking the camera.

Even if everything is clear in the settings, temporarily disable it and then check your camera again to make sure your antivirus is not causing the problem.

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2. Turn on the camera app

Often times, the error code 0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached is caused when the Windows camera app is disabled. To make sure this doesn't happen in your situation, press Windows Key + I to open the settings, then choose privacy.

Now click on cameraand toggle On if it is set as Out.

Turn on the camera if it is turned off

If this was actually the cause of the error code 0xa00f4244, following the steps above will fix it.

3. Check for malware and viruses

Virus and malware attacks affect the proper functioning of a Windows computer. By the way, they are also known to cause problems with device drivers. So, scanning your PC for vulnerabilities like this might not be a bad idea.

To do this, scan your system with Windows Defender, a free Windows malware and virus removal tool.

Go to Settings> Update & Security. From there click on Windows security > Virus and threat protection.

Click Virus & threat protection

Now click on Scan options, choose Windows Defender offline scanand hit Scan now.

Click Scan Options> Windows Defender Offline Scan> Scan Now.

Windows 10 will restart and scan. Open Windows Defender in the same way to review the report. If there were any problems you will see them there.

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4. Check the camera driver

If the above methods haven't worked yet, now is the time to check your camera's device driver.

Remember that a device driver enables your computer hardware to communicate with the software. So, if something is wrong with your camera driver, it could be the cause of the nocamerasareattached error 0xa00f4244.

Follow these steps to check your camera driver on Windows 10.

  1. Open that Device manager app from the search bar.

  2. Find the camera icon.

  3. Right click Your device's camera and click Update driver.
  4. Then choose Search for driver automatically.

Right click the camera icon and choose Update Now

Device Manager will then look for the latest driver available on your computer.

5. Reset the camera app

Try this if none of the above solutions have worked so far. Sometimes problems or changes in the camera app over time can lead to error 0xa00f4244 with no cameras attached.

Simply resetting your camera settings will restore your camera to its original pre-modified state. To get started, do the following:

1. Click on Settings> Apps> Apps & Features.

2. Then click on Camera> Advanced Settings.

3. Now click on Reset to default Button to reset your camera app.

This will result in a complete reset of any changes made to your camera settings.

6. Reinstall the camera driver

If the camera driver is causing 0xa00f4244 no cameras connected, removing and then reinstalling should do the trick.

To do this, press the button Windows key + R., Art devmgmt.mscand hit Enter. In the Device Manager, expand the Cameras section and click Uninstall device.

Open Device Manager and right click on the camera app to uninstall it

Restart your PC after the driver is removed. The next time you start up, open Device Manager and click Scan for hardware changes to install the driver again.

Click-on-scan-for-hardware changes

If your camera driver corruption was actually the cause of the 0xa00f4244 error encountered on your PC, then this method will suffice.

7. Reset your PC

If you've tried all of the above tricks to bypass error 0xa00f4244 no cameras attached and all of them have failed, for every Windows problem you can toss the final ace in the void: a Windows reset.

With Windows 10 reset, you can either keep all of your files or delete them for a fresh start. First, go to the Windows search bar and enter Reset this PC.

Then click on Reset this PC Possibility. In the next window click on Getting started.

Click Get Started to begin the reset process

You then have two options to choose from. You can choose either Keep my files or go for Remove all if you are looking for a fresh start.

On the next screen, you need to choose how you want to reinstall Windows: via cloud or from a Local reinstallation. The cloud option downloads a new version of Windows 10, while the local version uses a Windows 10 image that is already stored on your device.

Choose how you want to reinstall your PC: cloud or local

Please note If you are using a laptop, make sure it is plugged into a charger. Otherwise you will not be able to continue the reset.

Select one and click Next continue with the reset. It may take a while to set up your PC to reset. Then click on Reset to default to finally begin the process.

Windows 10 0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached error fixed

The Windows 10 camera app is an essential utility for communication, especially in the post-Covid world where working from home has become the norm rather than an occasional affair.

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