Find out how to Proper-Click on on a Mac

In this article, we are going to show you how to right click on Mac using various tricks.

Performing a right-click action on a Mac has always been a little more mysterious than performing it on Windows. In the past, right-click on a Mac was never as central to basic workflows as it was on the competing operating system.

Mac trackpad

Even today, some users still don't know how to right click on a Mac. Read on and we will bring you the best solutions.

1. Use a traditional physical mouse

The easiest way to right click on a Mac (and indeed any other operating system) is to purchase a standard physical two button mouse. You can pick up simple entry-level mice online for less than $ 10.

Connect the mouse to your Mac (you'll need an adapter if your Mac only has USB-C ports) and the operation should automatically detect the new hardware. Take a few seconds and the mouse will start working. From there, right-click as usual.

2. Right-click on a Mac trackpad

Mac trackpad settings guide

Unlike trackpads on different Windows computers, the right-click feature on every Mac trackpad uses the same gesture. In theory, right-clicking on a Mac's trackpad is as easy as clicking or tapping with two fingers. But it doesn't always work as planned.

You might be having problems with your trackpad, or you might have accidentally turned the setting off and can't figure out how to turn it back on. Either way, don't panic! It's easy to enable right-click on a Mac trackpad and then adjust the settings to your liking:

MacBook touchpad problems

  1. Click on that Apple Symbol in the Menu bar.

  2. Choose System settings.

  3. Choose Trackpad.

  4. Click the tab labeled Point and click.

  5. Check the box next to Secondary click.

This will ensure that the feature works again. If you are out of luck, restart your computer after making the changes.

How to change the right-click action on a Mac

Right click on the Mac trackpad

By default, you have to right-click on a Mac's trackpad with two fingers. However, some users may prefer to set up their right-click functionality in a different way. Fortunately, macOS lets you easily change the right-click action to something else.

The two options available are pretty self-explanatory. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Click on that Apple Symbol in the Menu bar.

  2. Choose System settings.

  3. Choose Trackpad.

  4. Click the tab labeled Point and click.

  5. Expand the drop-down menu below Secondary click.

  6. Choose either Click or tap with two fingers, Click in the lower right corner, or Click in the lower left corner.

Close the app and run some tests to make sure the settings have updated correctly.

3. Right-click an Apple Magic Mouse

An Apple Magic Mouse differs from a normal mouse in that it lacks physical buttons.

Due to the lack of buttons, it is not always immediately obvious how to right-click. In practice, however, the Magic Mouse uses many of the same gestures as the regular trackpad.

This means that a single right click is enough to activate a right click.

If it doesn't work, you can go too System Preferences> Mouse> Secondary Click and select the option you want.

4. Right click on the Mac

The last method of right-clicking is also the least common: the keyboard. The keyboard is great for getting you out of a bind when you're using someone else's computer and their secondary click isn't enabled on the Magic Mouse.

To right click on the keyboard, just hold down the key CTRL Click the button while left-clicking regularly. The operating system registers the action as a right-click.

Learn more Mac tips and tricks

Having complete control over the right-click of a Mac is an essential part of using the operating system effectively.

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