Find out how to Flip Off Microsoft Defender in Home windows 11

If for any reason you need to disable Microsoft Defender, here's how to do it on Windows 11.

You may know that Microsoft Defender is the antivirus that comes pre-installed with Windows 11. And it's good to have as it creates a solid line of defense to keep you safe from malicious malware.

However, there are times when you'd prefer to keep Microsoft Defender disabled. For example, when you want to download software that you know is safe, but Microsoft Defender won't let you do it. So let's see how to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 11.

How to temporarily turn off Microsoft Defender using Windows Security

You may like the protection Microsoft Defender offers, but want to turn it off for some time to test an app. You can do this through the Windows Security app in Windows 11:

  1. Click the Search icon on the system tray and search for Windows security.

  2. Click on Windows security under Best hit or click Open minded in the right area under Windows security app.

  3. Click on the page that opens Virus and threat protection.

  4. Click on Manage settings under Virus and threat protection settings.

  5. Turn on the blue switch below. the end Real-time protection.

  6. click Yes sir at the UAC prompt (you need to be an administrator on your PC for this)

Once that's done, Microsoft Defender will now be disabled.

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When you're done testing an app, re-enable Microsoft Defender to keep your PC safe. Fortunately, if you forget to turn it back on, Windows will do this automatically after a period of time.

Only turn off Microsoft Defender if necessary

Now you know how to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 11. Your best bet, however, is not to disable it too often as it protects your PC well and comes with Windows 11 for free. If you'd like to get rid of Microsoft Defender, you can install a third-party antivirus instead and Windows will automatically disable its own security.

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