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Mandarin, Spanish and English are some of the most widely spoken languages, but there is only one that unites us all: the language of emojis. Most of us use them on our smartphones, but it is also possible to use them on the desktop.

That's because Windows 10 has built-in support for emojis. You no longer have to express things in words; Now you can easily add an eggplant, frog face, or pumpkin emoji. Let's find out how to enable and use them in Windows 10.

The history of emojis in Windows

Emojis, which literally means picture character, have been around in some form since the late 1990s and originated in Japan. However, they have only recently become mainstream worldwide, largely thanks to their implementation in modern smartphones.

When Windows 7 was released in 2009, emojis hadn't gained that much popularity and they weren't built into the operating system. However, that same year they were incorporated into the Unicode standard, a system designed to achieve consistent encoding and display of written text.

Windows 8 comes out in 2012. Emojis are available in the operating system, but only in black and white, not in full color, as you might find elsewhere. This is thanks to a font called Segoe UI Symbol, which was also added to Windows 7 via an update. A year later, Windows 8.1 comes out, introducing the Segoe UI emoji font and offering color emojis.

Nowadays, Windows 10 supports a wide variety of emojis divided into different categories and shown in full color. If you're familiar with emojis on other platforms like iMessage or WhatsApp, you'll recognize the emojis on Windows 10. Diversity modifiers are also supported, which means you can change the skin color of some emojis.

How to use emojis in Windows 10

It's easy to use emojis in Windows 10. Remember, it's up to the program how it interprets this emoji. For example, Notepad displays simple black and white emojis, while Firefox displays full color.

There are several methods, so let's cover them in turn.

1. Use emojis with a keyboard shortcut

The best way to use emojis in Windows 10 is with a keyboard shortcut. Just press Windows key +. (Period) or Windows key + ; (Semicolon) in a text field.

The text field can be in any program, e.g. B. in your internet browser, word processing program, chat application etc.

Start typing right away to search for a specific emoji or use the category icons below. For the emojis that support this, you can change the skin color from the palette above.

This method worked very well in our tests. However, for some reason Discord duplicated the emoji so that it appears twice with a single click. So be aware that some other applications can also be buggy.

2. Use emojis on the touch keyboard

Another method of using emojis on Windows 10 is with the touch keyboard.

First you need to enable the touch keyboard. In order to do this, Right click the taskbar and select Show touch keyboard button (if not already activated). This will place a keyboard icon in the notification area of ​​your system tray. Press the Keyboard icon and the touch keyboard will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Note that this is confusingly different from the onscreen keyboard, which can be enabled in Settings, which is useful if your keyboard doesn't have a number pad.

With the touch keyboard open, click the smiling face icon to access all emojis. Use the icons below to switch the Emoji category, then scroll through the selections. Simple left click an emoji to use. When browsing the persons Category, Double click it and you can change the skin tone.

3. Use copy and paste emojis

You don't necessarily have to go to any of these menus to use emojis on Windows 10. You can also copy and paste them.

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Whether from an emoji website like Emojipedia or from a message your friend sent you, you can copy and paste emojis just like any other text.

Emote with emojis on Windows 10

Everyone has their own favorite emoji! They are great fun to send, and they aren't just limited to your phone. Use them in Windows 10. How else can you quickly communicate a shocked cat, ghost, or plate of pasta?

Emojis keep evolving, and Windows 10 regularly updates its emoji selection so you can have access to the latest and greatest.

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