Find out how to Clear Cache in Safari for Mac

Clearing the cache in Safari for Mac can free up space and fix various issues that are occurring due to the cache.

Like many other browsers, Safari for Mac stores a cache of your browsing data. The purpose of this cache is to make it faster to load the data that you previously accessed. In general, the Safari cache helps to run faster.

However, the cache also takes up space on your Mac when it is full. Sometimes cache files cause various problems with the Safari browser.

Fortunately, you can remove all of Safari's cache files in just a few clicks.

Note that clearing your Safari cache is a little different than clearing your Internet history in Safari.

To clear the Safari cache, you need to reach the first Develop Menu in this browser.

Open Safari on your Mac and click Safari> Preferences at the top of the screen and select the Advanced Tab.

You should find this at the bottom of the window Show the Develop menu in the menu bar Check box. Check this box.

The Develop The menu should appear at the top of the screen between the menu bookmark and window Menus.

2. Clear your cache in Safari

From here, clearing your Safari cache is easy. Click on that Develop Menu and look roughly in the middle of the list.

Click on Empty caches. Your Safari cache is now empty.

Safari runs a little slower after you first do this. However, if you search your cache and fill it with your more frequent websites, the speed will drop and your cache will be less full of websites that you no longer visit.

There are many other ways to free up space on your Mac.

Clear Safari cache to free up space and fix various issues

You may not need to clear your cache unless you really need disk space or you need to troubleshoot certain browser issues.

You can clear the Safari cache on any device using Safari and accomplish the same thing. We hope this article helps you with your Mac in particular.

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