Every little thing Apple Didn’t Announce at its Apple Silicon Occasion

Apple's November 2020 event was full of Mac news. The company showed off its new Apple Silicon M1 chips and the Macs they now power. Despite an in-depth discussion of this topic, Apple has completely omitted many products that were heavily rumored in the run-up to the show.

If you want to know what didn't make the cut – and what products Apple may be working on but isn't ready to reveal just yet – we've rounded up everything Apple will make us wait a little longer.

12 inch MacBook

When Apple unceremoniously killed the 12-inch MacBook in 2019, few people were surprised. While it has been Apple's most experimental, and perhaps most revolutionary, notebook in years, it simply hasn't received the traction it takes to justify its place in the Mac lineup.

It came as a surprise, however, when rumors started circulating that Apple was planning to revive the 12-inch MacBook as part of its processor transition from Intel to its own Apple Silicon M1 chips. Could the performance boost from the new chips be enough to make the lightweight laptop an alluring prospect again? Ultimately, we didn't find out at Apple's November event because the 12-inch MacBook wasn't even mentioned. Maybe next time.

16-inch MacBook Pro

The 16-inch MacBook Pro was first introduced in late 2019. So now is an ideal time to update it with enhanced Apple Silicon processors. This makes it the perfect flagship to demonstrate what the new chips are capable of. At least you'd think so, but Apple apparently thought differently, with the largest MacBook Pro being particularly absent from Apple's event.

This could mean the company is holding back on an update until early next year. Apple updates its Macs frequently in the spring. Given the severe delays the current pandemic has created in the company's supply chain, we may need to be a little more patient before we see updates to the 16-inch MacBook Pro.


Find my app feature image

Aside from Apple Silicon Macs, one of the strongest stories in Apple's event was that the company would unveil its long-rumored AirTags. These are supposedly tile-like tracking devices that can be magnetically attached to your valuables. Evidence of its existence has been found in different versions of iOS, so it seems a matter of timing, not case.

Unfortunately, Apple withheld the announcement of AirTags and instead focused entirely on the company's Mac and the company's new M1 chips. Given the abundance of evidence to suggest its existence, we don't expect it to be long before Apple decides the time is right for the new product.

AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2

The ever-popular AirPods and AirPods Pro are being redesigned after numerous rumors and leaked photos. Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects AirPods 3 to look very similar to the current AirPods Pro design and have a much shorter stem than the current iteration. And what about the high-end version of Apple's wireless earbuds? Bloomberg thinks they will lose their tribe entirely as they adopt design elements from companies like Amazon and Google.

That announcement was always a bit of a drag. While previous rumors kept the updated AirPods and AirPods Pro on a November reveal, newer reports predicted they wouldn't appear until 2021. That now seems likely given her absence from the Apple Silicon show.

AirPods Studio

on earbuds

AirPods, Apple's in-ear headphones, have been a huge hit since they were launched in 2016. On the streets it is now said that Apple is working on the next step: a pair of on-ear cans called AirPods Studio, which may reduce confidence in the Beats brand it already owns. These would include active noise cancellation, head detection, touch controls, and possibly even interchangeable parts for $ 349.

AirPods Studio was noticeably absent, although rumors began to rise as Apple's M1 event approached in November. That's a surprise given the holiday season approaching, but with a number of design issues reported – like the touch controls on the device and the amount of modular design – Apple may not have enough time to get things right.

HomePod 2 and mid-range HomePod

Apple HomepodGreg Mombert / Digital Trends

Apple's final event – the iPhone 12 Showstopper – also unveiled the HomePod Mini to the world. The focus was once again fully on the larger HomePod model, as it has been over three years since its introduction in 2017 and no updates are in sight. Something new is sure to come soon – right?

Fuel was added to the fire in the form of a Bloomberg report indicating that Apple was considering a mid-range HomePod that would be somewhere in between the HomePod Mini and the original HomePod. In the end, however, none of those prospects came about, and Apple was silent on the subject of next-generation HomePod models. Instead, we need to see what the company is giving away on that front in the coming months.

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