Every little thing Apple Did not Announce at WWDC 2020

Apple's 2020 global developer conference was packed with announcements, from new versions of device operating systems to the major switch to Apple's own silicon processors.

But a couple of things never made it, even though they were rumored before. Here you can see everything Apple did not announce at WWDC 2020.

A revised iMac

Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Every great design looks tired at some point, and the iMac is no different. Apple has kept the same look for its all-in-one desktop since 2012 – or since 2004, when you're ready to count the slightly thicker variants. It's a long time before a look stays the same, but in the technology world, it's a lifetime.

Now that slim bezels are trending, we were hoping Apple would finally update the iMac with a similar look. In fact, several notable leaks previously claimed that a new iMac would land every day. Jon Prosser said the redesigned computer will be "ready to ship" in May 2020.

Unfortunately, this shouldn't be the case as Apple focused almost exclusively on software at WWDC 2020. Given the importance of switching to Apple Silicon Macs – and the time MacOS Big Sur devoted – the giant from Cupertino, California might do it. I don't want to tip the scales too much in favor of the Mac at the event. Or maybe an unexpected manufacturing error occurred at the last minute. In any case, the iMac was an absolute no-show.


Find my app feature image

One of the best ways to find out what Apple is working on is to put a magnifying glass in the source code. This was the case with AirTags, a much-rumored tile-like tracking device that you can use to prevent you from losing your valuable Apple kit.

Details of the device, its name, and even symbols that represent it, were discovered by MacOS experts in the months before WWDC. In the end, however, it never appeared.

Could it be that this was a device for Apple too far outside the left panel? This is unlikely given the references to AirTags. In addition, Apple has diversified its product range in recent years, so AirTags don't seem too out of place. We need to keep an eye out to see if Apple will announce AirTags at a later date.

AirPods Studio

Apple loves audio. From taking over beats to the phenomenal speakers of MacBook Pro 16 to spatial audio in AirPods Pro, it's clear that the company wants you to enjoy everything you hear. That's why AirPods Studio – Apple's rumored over-ear headphones – makes so much sense. While the HomePod is the speaker range for audiophiles, StudioPods are the headphones dedicated to the same users.

Given the announcement of AirPods Pro's spatial audio capabilities, it's surprising that AirPods Studio wasn't revealed next to them. We assume that they will spend their day in the sun sooner rather than later. So keep checking for updates.

New Apple TV and remote control

Apple TV was not entirely absent during WWDC 2020. Apple previewed the next version of tvOS and showed a trailer for the adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels that will appear on Apple TV +. However, with all the good news, one thing was missing: a new Apple TV box.

This was not just speculation. The beta of tvOS 13.4 included code that mentioned a new device, codenamed T1125, which was widely rumored to be a new Apple TV, as well as references to a new Apple TV remote control. This product code did not match the codes for Apple's current Apple TV boxes (J105A and J42D), indicating that this is something completely new.

In the end, Apple decided to stick to tvOS 14 and Apple TV + rather than the device itself. However, like AirTags, there seems to be solid evidence that something is in the works, so we can hear more in the coming weeks and months.

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