Entry the iTunes Retailer in MacOS

With the addition of Apple Music and updates to macOS, Apple changed the way users listen to music and buy new albums – and that has created a bit of confusion in the old iTunes and earlier iTunes stores. Even more recent changes have made it harder to find the iTunes Store in the Apple Music app. This is a sure disappointment for anyone hoping to record their favorite band's new tracks.

Do not worry! The iTunes Store is easy to find and easy to regain if it looks like you've suddenly lost it. Here's what to do.

Step 1: Open the Apple Music app

Start by accessing the Apple Music app. You can find it after logging in to the MacOS Dock or in your applications folder (the apps there are arranged in alphabetical order).

If this is your first time using the Apple Music app, you will likely need to sign in and access your music library through iTunes before you can use the iTunes Store. Note that signing up doesn't mean you're signing up for the Apple Music service, which has the same name as the app but is a separate subscription service (you can find this option in the Account section of the Apple Music app).

Step 2: Search for specific music in the iTunes store

When you're in Apple Music and ready, look for the Apple Music search box at the top of the menu on the left. Search the iTunes Store to find the artist, album, or genre you want to see.

The search results page will now be displayed. If you look in the top right corner of the search results window, you'll see a number of options that show where the search is getting the results from. This is usually set by default on the iTunes Store. If not, you can select the iTunes Store to search there.

This is great for finding specific music that you want to buy, but that is not suitable for general iTunes Store browsing. To do this, you need to go straight to the store, which brings us to the next step.

Step 3: If necessary, enable iTunes in Settings

To visit the iTunes Store directly, go to the menu on the left side of Apple Music again and look for a section called Store, which should be the iTunes Store under. Just select it to move on!

It's very easy to do, but as many users have found, the iTunes Store option doesn't always show up in Apple Music, especially after some of the MacOS Big Sur updates go into effect. The good news is that the iTunes Store wasn't removed, it just hidden and you can bring it back up with a few changes to the settings.

If the store is missing, make sure the Apple Music app is still open and see the menu in the top left corner of your Mac screen. One of the menu options should be music. Select this option and choose Settings from the drop-down menu that follows.

Make sure the settings are on the General tab, then look for the Show section. Here you can choose different things to show up in Apple Music. The top option should be iTunes Store. So make sure this option is checked, then select OK.

Step 4: buy and purchase iTunes

Quickly restart the Apple Music app and look at it again. The Store section should now be there, and the iTunes Store is right below it. You now have two full-fledged options for using the iTunes Store: either do specific searches in the Apple Music search box to find a specific track or artist, or select the iTunes Store to visit its home page and select the browse latest drops. Pick which option works best for you until you find something that you want to buy!

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