Enjoying iOS Video games on the Mac Simply Acquired a Lot Simpler

If you have a Mac with an M1 chip, you can run iPhone and iPad apps and games right on your Mac. Apple has been constantly adding to this feature, but the latest MacOS 11.3 update brings one of the most welcome changes.

Now game controller buttons are mapped directly to the buttons on your keyboard and (optionally) your mouse. That means any iPadOS or iOS game that was optimized for a controller can now be played just fine with your keyboard. For example, with Apple's new controller emulation function, the W, A, S, and D keys pan the left thumb, the spacebar the A key, and the tab key L1.

An earlier beta of the MacOS 11.3 update introduced a feature called Touch Alternatives for cross-platform apps and games. As with controller emulation, apps designed for Apple's mobile platforms allow you to use a mouse and keyboard instead of a touchscreen. For example, Touch Alternatives lets you hold down the Option key and use a trackpad as a touchscreen replacement.

Controller emulation is better optimized for games, however, as each key on an iOS-compatible game controller is remapped on the keyboard. The layout may take some getting used to and you may not be able to remap any of the buttons yet. However, you can enjoy iOS and iPadOS games on your Mac even if you don't have a controller. Note that Touch Alternatives and Controller Emulation cannot be used at the same time.

Gaming got further improvements in MacOS 11.3 that now allow the window size of a cross-platform app to be changed to limit the number of small app windows on your Mac. In addition, the highest resolutions of iOS and iPadOS apps are supported in full screen mode. Plus, you can use both the Xbox Series X&S Wireless Controllers and Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controllers with Mac games.

This macOS update also includes a variety of updates for Apple's Mac operating system, such as: B. a new City Charts function in Apple Music, the support of AirTag in the Find My app, several new emoji and much more.

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