Eight Most Widespread Web Explorer Points (And Straightforward Methods to Repair Them)

After years of being the subject of jokes and hatred, Internet Explorer has largely been forgotten. Microsoft still includes Internet Explorer 11 (the final version) with Windows 10, but this is more than anything else for compatibility reasons.

However, sometimes you find yourself in situations where you need to use Internet Explorer. Let's look at quick fixes for common Internet Explorer problems so that your time with the outdated browser is not a problem.

1. Internet Explorer is not in active development

Before we deal with certain problems and corrections in Internet Explorer, we have to deal with the obvious. While Microsoft manages it on supported versions of Windows, Internet Explorer is an old browser that the company is no longer actively developing. Due to the lack of modern functions and an outdated configuration, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer sufficient for today's web.

For this reason, we do not recommend using Internet Explorer unless you absolutely have to. It is mainly included in Windows 10 as a backward compatibility tool, since many internal company websites require Internet Explorer to work properly. If you don't come across such a website, you are much better off with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, the redesigned Edge from Microsoft or even an open source browser

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The following are some common problems with Internet Explorer. If you can't easily solve one of them, don't waste time – just use something else.

2. Basic troubleshooting in Internet Explorer: updates not installed

As mentioned earlier, Internet Explorer doesn't get updates often. However, if Microsoft has recently fixed a known issue with Internet Explorer, you should check for updates before you begin more specific troubleshooting.

In Windows 10, the browser receives updates via Windows Update because it is a component of the operating system. Go to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update to check for the latest updates and apply all shown here.

3. Internet Explorer cannot be found

Internet Explorer comes standard with Windows 10. To open it, just search for Internet Explorer in the start menu. If it doesn't appear there, press Win + R. to open and enter the Run field iexplore.exe.

If you receive an error message or Internet Explorer cannot load, you (or another administrator on your computer) have probably disabled it. Maybe they didn't want anyone to use the old browser unnecessarily.

Enter the following to re-enable Internet Explorer Windows functions in the start menu and select Turn Windows features on or off. Scroll down the list that appears and check Internet Explorer 11 if it is not already click OKWait for the process to complete and then restart your PC. It should then be available.

Activate IE 11

4. Error 404 in Internet Explorer

Error 404 means that the page you are trying to visit does not exist. Usually this happens because you entered a URL incorrectly or clicked on a link that leads to a dead page. It is rarely a problem with Internet Explorer.

In this case, press F5 to update the page and make sure that it’s not a temporary issue. If you entered the URL manually, check again that you made no mistakes. After reviewing them, try searching for the page with Google.

If the search is not displayed, the page may no longer exist. Try accessing it from a different browser or device, such as your phone. If this works, clear the browser cache

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in IE.

5. Internet Explorer crashes, freezes, or hangs

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer is often about poor performance. To resolve these issues, you should first troubleshoot Internet Explorer performance.

To access it, search for Switchboard in the start menu to open it. If you see category Click on it at the top right to change it Small icons. Next choose Troubleshooting, followed by View all top left.

In the menu that appears, double-click Internet Explorer performance. Before you start, click Extended link and choose Execute as administrator for best results.

Internet Explorer Performance Troubleshooter

Once troubleshooting is complete, all completed actions that have been performed are displayed. Hopefully, these will solve your Internet Explorer problem.

Switching hardware acceleration can also help with these problems. This option uses the graphics card on your PC (instead of the CPU) to do graphics-intensive tasks like streaming videos. Most of the time, it's better to leave it on, but you can try toggling it over to see if it makes a difference.

To change this, click equipment Icon in the top right corner of Internet Explorer (which represents the icon Tools Menu), followed by Internet options. Choose Extended Click the tab above and check the box for Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. click OKThen you have to restart your PC for the change to take effect.

Internet Explorer Use software rendering

Further performance fixes

Browser add-ons can often impact performance. Press the equipment Symbol and select Manage add-ons to check the ones you have activated and to deactivate all those you do not need. As a further troubleshooting step, you can run Internet Explorer without add-ons and see if that improves anything.

To do this, first close all Internet Explorer windows. Then press Win + R. Type to open the Run dialog box iexplore.exe -extoffand hit Enter. Check if IE performs better without ongoing extensions.

Internet Explorer No add-ons

If everything else fails, you should try to completely reset Internet Explorer. This will reset everything to its default state, so you can start with a clean plan. Before proceeding, we recommend that you save everything you want to keep in Internet Explorer, e.g. B. backing up your bookmarks

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To reset the IE, go to Tools> Internet Options> Advanced and click Reset to default Button below. You will receive a warning telling you what this is doing. It resets all of your settings, but does not remove any personal content such as your homepage, your history and saved form data.

Check the Delete personal settings Field if you also want to delete this content.

After you clicked Reset to defaultyou must restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

6. Internet Explorer display problems

If a website doesn't look what you expect, e.g. For example, if it is displayed blank, pictures are not displayed, incorrect or confused text or incorrectly placed menus, there may be compatibility problems between Internet Explorer and the website.

This can often occur due to Compatibility View, a feature that can be used to view websites created for old versions of IE. Click to check Compatibility view settings of the Tools Menu. The current website is displayed in the Add this website Box; click Add to display it with the compatibility view.

On the other hand, if the site looks wrong and is in the list of compatibility views, click on it and choose Remove. You should never have to use Compatibility View unless a website was created specifically for IE 8 or earlier, which is rare these days.

IE compatibility view

Internet Explorer's tracking protection feature, which reduces website tracking for your privacy, can also affect content. Select to disable tracking protection Manage add-ons of the Tools Menu. Choose Tracking protection In the left sidebar, right-click each item in the list and choose Deactivate.

IE tracking protection

You can also try clearing your browser cache as mentioned in section 4 above. Go to Tools> Internet Options> General and click Clear under Browser history.

Display problems can also be caused by hardware acceleration, as mentioned above. Try toggling this setting if you haven't already.

7. Videos are not played in Internet Explorer

If you cannot play a video in IE, use a different browser. Most videos these days use HTML5, which works in any modern browser. If a particular video cannot be played, it probably depends on a feature that IE lacks.

If you really need to see it in IE, check your add-ons for conflicts as described above.

8. No images are displayed in Internet Explorer

You can try all of the above solutions to this problem, e.g. This includes, for example, the compatibility view, the deactivation of tracking protection and the deletion of temporary internet files. However, there is a setting that disables all images in Internet Explorer. It is an easy solution if you encounter this problem.

Navigate to Tools> Internet Options> Advanced. Scroll down to multimedia Header and make sure that show pictures is checked.

View IE images

If this option is enabled, you may want to reset Internet Explorer security settings. Click in the Internet options safety When you click the tab, several "zones" appear at the top (most websites fall into that Internet Zone). Just click Reset all zones to the default level and restart your PC to make everything normal again.

If all of these fail, reset the IE to the default settings as explained above.

IE is old, so problems are not surprising

Now you know how to react if Internet Explorer doesn't work properly. Hopefully, you will almost never need to use it, so you won't have many problems. Since the browser is anything but modern, these problems can definitely occur. We strongly recommend that you use a different browser if possible.

If you are stuck in Internet Explorer for a long time, see our Internet Explorer FAQ for further help

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