eight Cool Film Themes to Relive the Magic on Home windows 10

You can't deny the magic of movies or escape their immersive excitement. The effect they have on us can be uplifting. Get inspired by the saga of a champion, laugh your blues away with a gripping comedy or even experience the thrill of futuristic worlds.

Wouldn't it be great to connect to this magic and your favorite characters on your PC every day? To get you started, here are 8 themes from blockbuster movies to add to your desktop and enjoy.

How to install and personalize a desktop theme

The themes presented here do not require an external app to use them. How to do it:

  1. Download Your favorite topic on your Windows PC.
  2. Save the topic in a preferred folder. For example, you can just create a new theme folder in the Pictures folder on your PC and save all of your themes there.
  3. Double-click the theme pack file and it would be installed on your windows pc.

You can also customize and extend the theme beyond the desktop. For example, you can choose accent colors to match your theme. Here's how:

  1. Right click anywhere on your desktop.
  2. Choose Personalize to open the personalization settings

  3. Choose Colours and under the heading Choose your accent color, check the option Automatically choose an accent color from my background. The system then automatically sets a color theme based on the colors of the current background image.

In addition, you could also have the same color theme in your taskbar, in the start menu and in the action center, as well as in the title bars and Windows borders. Just scroll down to the bottom of the Colors page in Settings and check the two boxes below Show accent colors on the following surfaces.

Also, since using a custom desktop theme requires changing default colors and files, it is better to create a restore point before installing a theme. So, if you find that some things are not working properly, you can always use the restore point to revert to the previous state.

You will agree that no movie list would be complete without this charming secret agent and his exploits.

We have been entertained by the James Bond franchise for nearly sixty years. Gripping plots, death-defying rescues, original theme songs, the coolest gadgets and cars of the ingenious Q and the iconic partners that Bond meets during his missions.

For the Bond fan in you, here is a desktop theme by ThemePack made up of 9 HD wallpapers starring Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, and Daniel Craig.

And with these 21 wallpapers from Wallpapersden, you can enjoy exciting moments with No Time to Die from 2021. The above wallpaper with 007 on a motorcycle comes from this collection.

You can download these wallpapers in 4 easy steps:

  1. click on the desired background image
  2. Click on the page that opens to download the wallpaper in the resolution you want

  3. Right click on the wallpaper that opens on your screen and save it on your PC
  4. On your pc Right click Select in the background image file Set as desktop background, and enjoy!

Mission Impossible: Fallout is a journey where the impossibilities are a reality. If you've seen it, you know the fast-paced non-stop action is pure thrill. And Agent Ethan Hunt's daring helicopter hunt enchants.

Audiences were stunned by Fallout's High Altitude Low Opening, in which Agent Hunt performed an extended free fall from 25,000 to 30,000 feet and flew through the air at 320 mph. And now your mission (should you choose) is to transform your desktop with the amazing Fallout theme from ExpoThemes.

If you are an MI fan then you will also enjoy this Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol design from Microsoft. Just click the down arrow into Movies from the list of topics and download the MI: Ghost Protocol topic. You will also find 10 other exciting movie themes there!

Black Panther was nominated for an Oscar for best picture as the first superhero film.

Set in the isolated but technologically advanced nation of Wakanda, this Marvel film captivates you with its masterful storytelling, quality performances and stunning costumes. And the rivalry between Chadwick Boseman's "T & # 39; Challa" and Michael B. Jordan's "Killmonger" gets you into the action.

Experience the aura of Black Panther and its unforgettable characters in this action-packed theme from ThemePack with 30 HD backgrounds.

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Avengers Endgame is a blockbuster of a finale – all and beyond the expectations of the Marvel comic book and movie buff inside you. Along with their remaining allies, the Avengers set out to undo the devastating acts of Infinity War and restore balance to the universe.

In this longest (three hours and one minute) film produced by Marvel and Disney, you will experience the mixture of emotions and gripping action. The final fight scene is a treat and features every Avenger introduced to date.

Enjoy the iconic moments of the movie with this Avengers: Endgame theme from WindowsThemePack.

Trolls: World Tour is for you if you love music and the cute and colorful creatures that inspire you with their contagious energy. In this glittering story with a sweet message, Branch and Princess Poppy want to convince Barb, the queen of rock, to unite all music instead of destroying the different.

This musical celebration features pop medleys, rock anthems like Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane and Heart & # 39; s Barracuda, as well as newer numbers.

Spice up your desktop with this cool and vibrant Trolls: World Tour theme from ThemePack.

This upbeat video game adventure lives up to its name and takes you to the next level of fantasy action with spectacular visual effects, combined with a touch of romance and a warm friendship theme.

Not to mention the good deal of comedy with the main cast who portray Hollywood legends: Dwayne Johnson as Danny DeVito's character in Dr. Smolder Bravestone's body and Kevin Hart as Danny Glover's character in his Franklin "Mouse" Finbar avatar.

Catch the action of this breathtaking movie with the Jumanji: The Next Level theme made up of 32 wallpapers from WindowsThemePack.

The America of the 80s is captured in this film spectacle in Washington D.C. lively. You'll see chunky tech, sporty-looking cars, rolled up blazer sleeves, fanny packs, and more.

In addition, Gal Gadot's elegant and excellently choreographed stunts as Wonder Woman taking on the humanoid cheetah are standout.

Enjoy the spirit of Wonder Woman with this Themes10.Win theme with Gal Gadot in 14 HD backgrounds.

Tom Cruise returns as hot aviator Pete "Maverick" Mitchell to train pilots for a covert mission. And with him, you'll see Val Kilmer again as Iceman and Miles Teller, who play Goose's son Rooster.

This sequel to the 1986 cult classic Top Gun is perhaps one of the most anticipated films. However, the release has been postponed to May 2022. But you can get in the mood right now with this exciting Top Gun: Maverick theme from ExpoThemes with nine wallpapers.

Turn your desktop into a mini movie screen

Now you know how easy it is to download and install these cool movie themes. So go ahead and turn your desktop into a mini movie screen showing moments of action, drama, fantasy and endless thrills.

Explore more themes and wallpapers and bring the magic of your favorite movies and their iconic characters to your desktop.

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