Easy methods to Group Apps on Your Taskbar in Home windows 10 With TaskbarGroups

Does your taskbar look a little cluttered? TaskbarGroups is here to fix that.

Windows 10's system tray provides easy access to frequently used and currently open applications, but adding shortcuts for each of your favorite applications can clutter it. Fortunately, TaskbarGroups can help you organize your taskbar the way you want.

Let's see why TaskbarGroups is the right application for you.

What are Taskbar Groups?

Adding multiple apps or shortcuts to the system tray can make it look messy and leave you little room for anything else. TaskbarGroups is a third-party application that allows you to create app groups for quick access to shortcuts to apps, links, or other files on the system tray.

It allows you to group these apps based on how often they are used, apps that are frequently used together, or a range of other organizational options. You can name and add unique icons for easier visual navigation.

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How to install and use TaskbarGroups

To download this app, go to the TaskbarGroups website. To extract the files you will need to use WinRAR. If you don't have WinRAR, you can download it from their website.

After installation, you can right click on the archive and select Extract files. After extracting the files, run the Taskbar Groups app.

Once TaskbarGroups is up and running, it's time to organize your taskbar:

  1. Choose Add a taskbar group to create a new taskbar group.

  2. Customize your group the way you want. You can add multiple applications to this group, as well as give them an icon and a name. Other settings include the ability to change the width, opacity, and color of the group. When you're done, choose to save to create your group.

  3. Right-click your group to view it in a folder. In the folder that opens, right-click the highlighted shortcut and select Pin it to the system tray.

  4. You can now view your group in your system tray.

Comfort at the push of a button

If you use your computer for everything from work to relaxation, you know the importance of keeping everything organized and easily accessible. Fortunately, TaskbarGroups makes it easy to organize your taskbar the way you want it.

If you want to go further, there are plenty of Windows 10 tools you can use to customize your computer. These tools can range from customizing system icons to optimizing how the PC performs certain actions.

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