Easy methods to Add the Clock Again to a Multi-Monitor Setup in Home windows 11

For some strange reason, Windows 11 does not show the system clock on all taskbars in a multi-monitor setup. Here's how you can fix that.

The Windows 11 taskbar offers several customization options for a multi-monitor setup. However, for some reason, you can no longer add the system clock to all system tray. It was a handy feature in Windows 10, but now you'll have to rely on a third-party program to get it back.

How to add the clock back on a Windows 11 system with multiple monitors.

How to add the clock to the secondary taskbar in Windows 11

To add the clock to all of your taskbars in Windows 11, you can use the free program Elven clock. It's available on Github and can be installed like any other Windows program.

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It's a simple app that adds the clock back to your secondary displays. It also offers some customization options that you can play with. Before we get into that though, let's take a look at how to install ElvenClock.

  1. To install the app, go to the ElvenClock Github page.
  2. Scroll down to the financial assets Section and click EvelnClock.Installer.exe to download the installer.
  3. Run the installer and complete the installation.
  4. If everything went right you should see the clock in the secondary system tray too.

EvelenClock automatically configures itself to run on startup so you don't have to manually activate the clock after restarting.


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When the clock appears in the center of your main display, open the app settings and scroll down to Fixes and other test functions. Choose here Alternative clock orientation to display the clock on the left of the screen.

To hide or close the clock, right-click the clock and select the appropriate options. Additionally, you can configure the app to only show the time or date to suit the aesthetics of your system.

By default, the clock doesn't show seconds, but you can tweak the settings to make it work. In addition, you can also customize the look, orientation, content, and other general settings.

Add the system clock back to the secondary system tray in Windows 11

ElevenClock is a simple yet handy utility that allows you to add the clock back to your entire system tray in Windows 11. At the time of publication, the app worked on our test computer with Windows 11 build 22000.318, but your mileage may vary. The developer regularly adds new features. So keep checking for new updates or setting the app to automatically check for updates.

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