Each Skype Keyboard Shortcut You Want for Home windows and Mac

If you want to be efficient with Skype, you need to know keyboard shortcuts. Here they are all for Windows and Mac.

Skype has been around since 2003, but it has long been a good and consistent choice for voice and video calling.


One of the great things about Skype is that it is available on many devices, which means you can call your friend on a MacBook from your Windows 10 computer.

To help you use Skype efficiently, we've put together this awesome cheat sheet that contains all of the Skype keyboard shortcuts you could ever need for Mac and Windows.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as PDF to download from our sales partner TradePub. You'll need to fill out a short form just to have first access. Download the Skype keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

Skype keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Shortcut (Windows) Shortcut (Mac) action
Alt + 2 Command + Shift + C. Open contacts
Ctrl + N. Command + N. Start a new conversation
Ctrl + Shift + A. Command + Shift + A. Add people to the conversation
Ctrl + P. Command + I. View conversation profile
Ctrl + G. Command + G. New group chat
Ctrl + Shift + F. Command + Shift + F. Send a file
Alt + Shift + E. Ctrl + Shift + E. Focus on the news composer
Up arrow Command + Shift + E. Edit the last message you sent
Ctrl + F. Command + F. Search within a selected conversation
Ctrl + Shift + L. Command + Shift + L. Multiple choice messages
Ctrl + Shift + E. Command + E. Archived selected conversation
Ctrl + Shift + U. Command + Shift + U. to mark as unread
Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Tab Next conversation
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous conversation
Alt + 1 Option + 1 Navigate to recent chats
Ctrl + Shift + S. Command + Option + F. Find all contacts, messages, and bots
Ctrl + I. Command + Shift + O. Open the notification panel
Ctrl + Shift + G. Command + Shift + G. Open gallery
Ctrl + D. Command + 2 Start the dial pad
Ctrl + Shift + P. Command + Shift + R. Answer an incoming call
Ctrl + Shift + H. Command + Shift + H. hang up
Ctrl + Shift + K. Command + Shift + K. Start video call
Ctrl + Shift + P. Command + Shift + R. Start an audio call
Ctrl + M. Command + Shift + M. Toggle mute
Ctrl + Shift + K. Command + Shift + K. Switch camera
Ctrl + Shift + J. Command + Shift + J. Change the size of the camera preview
Ctrl + Shift + A. Command + Shift + A. Add people to call
Ctrl + S. Command + S. Take a snapshot
Ctrl + Shift + Plus Command + Shift + Plus Zoom in
Ctrl + Minus Command + minus Zoom out
Ctrl + Zero Command + zero Show current size
Ctrl + comma Command + comma Open the app settings
Ctrl + T. Command + T. Open topics
Ctrl + Shift + T. Command + Shift + T. Switch between light and dark mode
Ctrl + O. Command + Option + O. Submit feedback
Ctrl + H. Ctrl + H. Open the help in the standard browser
Ctrl + W. Command + W. Close window (split view)

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