Each Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcut for Home windows Value Figuring out

Become a Microsoft PowerPoint master with this free PDF of the best keyboard shortcuts.

There's a reason PowerPoint is a household name: it's the best software for creating presentations for work and home.


If you are making a lot of presentations, you may be wondering if there is something there that can be done to speed up the process. The answer is yes, all you have to do is use all of the handy shortcuts that PowerPoint offers.

We've compiled a list of the best PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate, create, and present your presentations with ease.

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Microsoft PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts for Windows

abbreviation action
create a presentation
Ctrl + N. New presentation
Ctrl + M. New slide
Ctrl + S. Save presentation
Alt + N, P. insert Picture
Alt + N, S, H. Insert shape
Alt + H, L. Slide layout
Picture down Next slide
Side up Previous slide
Ctrl + Up Move the selected slide up
Ctrl + Down Move the selected slide down
Ctrl + Shift + Up Move the selected slide to the beginning
Ctrl + Shift + Down Move the selected slide to the end
Alt + H. Home tab
Alt + N. Insert tab
Ctrl + N. Add a comment
Ctrl + R. Reply to comment
Ctrl + Q. Close PowerPoint
Alt + F. file
Alt + H. At home
Alt + N. Insert
Alt + G. design
Alt + K. Transitions
Alt + A. Animations
Alt + S. Slide show
Alt + R. review
Alt + W. view
Alt + Y. Help
F5 Start the presentation from the beginning
Shift + F5 Start the presentation from the current slide
Alt + F5 Start the presentation in Presenter View
N. Next animation / slide
P. Previous animation / slide
B. Show black slide
W. Show white slide
S. Stop / restart an automatic presentation
Number, then enter Go to the specified slide number
At home To the first slide
The End Until the last slide
T. Set timings
R. Record narration and timing
Alt + P. Play / pause media
Alt + Q. Stop the media
Alt + Up Increase volume
Alt + Down Decrease volume
Alt + U. Mute
tab Go through hotspot
Shift + F10 Context menu
Ctrl + T. Show the taskbar
Esc End the presentation

Present PowerPoint like a pro

Now you know all the shortcuts for creating and navigating in PowerPoint. Now is the time to make your presentation as professional as possible. That's why we've put together all of the tips you need to keep your audience engaged when using PowerPoint.

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