Each Home windows Keyboard Shortcut You Should Know

VLC Media Player is an excellent open source player. Here you will find all the keyboard shortcuts you need to navigate quickly.

VLC Media Player is not only the best program for playing videos and music, it is also free and open source.


One of the great things about VLC Media Player is that it supports so many different types of media files out of the box.

If you are using VLC Media Player you should know all of the keyboard shortcuts so you can quickly control media, open menus, and navigate the program.

That's why we've put together this free cheat sheet that has all of the Windows shortcuts you'll need for VLC Media Player.

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abbreviation action
room Break
S. Stop
+ More quickly
– – Slower
) Faster (good)
( Slower (good)
= Normal rate
Shift + Left Arrow Back 3 seconds
Shift + Right Arrow 3 seconds forward
Alt + left arrow 10 seconds back
Alt + right arrow 10 seconds forward
Ctrl + Left Arrow Back 1 minute
Ctrl + right arrow 1 minute forward
Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow Back 5 minutes
Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow Forward 5 minutes
N. Next track
P. Previous song
T. Position / time
L. Normal / loop / repeat
E. Next frame
Shift + M. Disc menu
Shift + O. Previous track
Shift + B. Next track
Shift + P. Previous chapter
Shift + N. Next chapter
Ctrl + Q. leaving
J. Decrease the audio delay
B. Change audio track
Shift + A. Switch the audio device off and on again
Ctrl + up arrow Increase volume
Ctrl + down arrow Decrease volume
M. Mute
I Show controller in full screen mode
Z. Zooming
Shift + Z. Reset zoom
F. Toggle full screen
Escape Exit full screen / close dialog
picture on Reduce the angle of view
Picture down Expand the viewpoint
Alt + 1 1: 4 quarter harvest
Alt + 2 1: 2 half harvest
Alt + 3 1: 1 original harvest
Alt + 4 2: 1 double harvest
ONE Aspect ratio of the cycle
C. Cycle clipping ratio
Ö Toggle automatic scaling
Alt + O. Increase the scaling factor
Alt + Shift + O. Reduce the scaling factor
D. Toggle deinterlacing
Shift + D. Turn off the deinterlace modes
Ctrl + F1 – F10 Bookmark the playlist to 1 – 10
F1 – F10 Play playlist bookmarks 1 – 10
Ctrl + W. Delete the playlist
Ctrl + Y. Save playlist
Ctrl + 0 Reset subtitle scale
Ctrl + mouse wheel up Make the text of subtitles smaller
Ctrl + mouse wheel down Scale the text of subtitles
H. Increase the subtitle delay
G Decrease the subtitle delay
Shift + H. Sync subtitles
Alt + V. Go through the subtitle track in reverse order
V. Scroll through the subtitle track
Shift + V. Switch subtitles
Menu and settings
Ctrl + B. bookmark
Ctrl + C. Open the recording device
Ctrl + D. Open CD
Ctrl + E. Advanced settings
Ctrl + F. Open folder
Ctrl + H. Hide / show menus
Ctrl + I. Media information
Ctrl + J. Codec information
Ctrl + L. Hide / show playlist
Ctrl + M. Messages
Ctrl + N. Open the network stream
Ctrl + O. open file
Ctrl + P. Settings
Ctrl + R. Convert / Save
Ctrl + S. Streaming
Ctrl + T. Go at the time
Ctrl + V. Insert location / backlog
Ctrl + Shift + W. VLM configurator
Alt + A. Audio menu
Alt + H. Help menu
Alt + I. View menu
Alt + L. Playback menu
Alt + M. Media menu
Alt + S. Tools menu
Alt + T. Subtitle menu
Shift + S. snapshot
Shift + R. recording
R. Coincidentally
Enter Select menu entry (DVD)
Arrow keys Navigate menus (DVD)

VLC Media Player can do a lot more than just play your video files. It's full of great features that you may not be familiar with, such as: B. the ability to convert video formats or download them from YouTube. Make sure you explore all that it has to offer.

VLC functions

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