Does Your Mac Maintain Switching Wi-Fi Networks? This is What to Do

It can be annoying if macOS keeps switching to a different Wi-Fi network than the one you prefer. Here's how to fix that.

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macOS is a wonderful operating system, but as is often the case with computers, you may need to troubleshoot from time to time. One important area to focus on is your Mac's internet connection.

If your Mac keeps switching Wi-Fi networks, here are some useful tips.

Realize that the Wi-Fi problem is only on your Mac

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So you're surfing the internet and suddenly your web pages stop loading. You look at your Wi-Fi icon and find that it is not connected. Then suddenly you are connected to a different Wi-Fi network, either one you were connected to in the past or what appears to be a random network.

This can be incredibly annoying for any occasion, whether you're working, watching a video, or just browsing the internet. In addition to the time wasted disconnecting and switching Wi-Fi networks, you may see a pop-up window asking you to enter the password for this newly connected network. Even after switching back to your original network, macOS may still switch between Wi-Fi networks.

The first step would be to determine if the Wi-Fi problem at hand is only on your Mac. Check if other devices using your router are having the same problem. If you have multiple device Wi-Fi issues, you can reset your router or contact your network provider. In most cases this should help.

If the Wi-Fi problem is only on your Mac, resetting your router or contacting your network provider may not fix it. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do quickly and easily.

Start with the macOS network settings

The Network menu on a MacBook Pro with a Wi-Fi connection.

Before jumping into any of the different ways you can solve your Mac's WiFi problem, it's a good idea to make sure your network settings are open. To do this, either click Wi-Fi symbol Then select in the top left of your screen Network settings or click on System settings and select network.

Uncheck "Ask about new networks".

Sometimes, for random reasons, or possibly because they are giving off a strong signal that your Mac is trying to use, your Mac may be able to connect to new Wi-Fi networks. This will create a pop-up menu asking you to join this new network, disconnect it, and disconnect it from your working WiFi.

Uncheck the box to prevent your Mac from accidentally connecting to these Wi-Fi networks Ask to join new networks.

You can still access new networks, but now select them manually instead of constantly seeing annoying pop-up menus.

Uncheck "Join this network automatically".

If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks at home / work to switch between, your Mac may do so automatically, possibly for the network with the strongest signal.

Even though you connect to this network, your internet will still be disruptive if your Mac switches networks. If the strength of your Wi-Fi networks varies frequently, your Mac might be switching back and forth between them all the time.

To prevent this, you can uncheck the box Join this network automatically For all known Wi-Fi networks in your home or work, except for your main home / work Wi-Fi.

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Use the advanced settings

The Wi-Fi section of a MacBook Pro's advanced network settings

By clicking Advanced You can open a more comprehensive list of options for your networks from your network menu.

If this is your first time using your advanced network settings, click below Wireless Internet accessyou should see all of the networks your laptop is connected to. Here you can drag your networks in the order of their preference and quickly activate or deactivate them Auto join for your networks.

Use of +/. – – Options located under your list of Wi-Fi networks allow you to add / remove all Wi-Fi networks in this list. This is especially useful when you've made a large list of Wi-Fi networks that for the most part you are not using.

Alternatively, you can keep your list and reorder it as you wish. It also means you can connect new devices by accessing your saved passwords for each Wi-Fi network.

Troubleshoot network problems on your Mac

Now you know what to do if your Mac keeps switching Wi-Fi networks!

Hopefully, these tips should save you time when macOS decides to switch between different Wi-Fi networks and expand your knowledge of troubleshooting network problems on your Mac.

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