Dell Launches New S-Collection Quick Gaming Displays

Dell has announced a new line of affordable gaming displays that offer a variety of resolutions, refresh rates, and sizes to choose from.

In today's monitor market, high quality displays are a little hard to come by, which would lead you to believe that manufacturers would bring out anything that sells. The latest line of products from Dell doesn't quite follow this line of thought, however. Rather, it offers an impressively well thought-out new batch of products.

Today's decline includes the 25-inch S2522HG, 27-inch S2722DGM, 32-inch S3222DGM, and a 34-inch ultrawide called the S3422DWG. Let's start with a data sheet:

S2522HG S2722DGM S3222DGM S3422DWG
size 24.5 in 27 in 31.5 in 34 in
Panel type IPS VA VA VA
resolution 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440 3440 x 1440
Update rate 240Hz 165Hz 165Hz 144Hz
Contrast ratio 1000: 1 3000: 1 3000: 1 3000: 1
Color coverage 99% sRGB 99% sRGB 99% sRGB 90% DCI-P3
Curve Just 1500R 1800R 1800R
Adaptive synchronization G-Sync, FreeSync FreeSync FreeSync FreeSync

As you can see, the displays are all a bit different from each other, only the 27-inch and 32-inch displays have similar spec sheets. Both are curved 1440p displays with a refresh rate of 165 Hz, although the 27-inch model has a more aggressive curve.

The smallest model, the 25-inch panel, is an ultra-fast 240 Hz IPS display with a resolution of “only” 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. That should make it great for highly competitive gameplay (though not quite as fast as the Asus PG259QNR, which runs at a mighty 360 Hz).

But it's not tall and only measures 24.5 inches diagonally. The low resolution may make you want more when it comes to slower, immersion-based titles. It's great if you're looking for competitive performance, but less so if you're an all-round player.

The S2722DGM and the S3222DGM both have VA panels for generating lush, deep black tones with a higher resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. The panels work with a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz, which is sufficient for the vast majority of us gamers, and the choice is yours: choose the 27-inch variant for sharpness; For more immersion, choose the 32-inch panel.

However, the star of the show could be the S3422DWG, which has an ultra-wide design with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440. Sure, the refresh rate might be 144Hz, but for most of us that's still fast enough.

The ultra-wide format, at least in my book, offers you an excellent level of immersion with the same DPI and thus sharpness of the 27-inch panel. The extra width often gives you a gaming edge with a larger field of view, so you can better see around corners at the edge of your screen or just immerse yourself more in your peripheral vision.

The curved VA monitors only support AMD FreeSync, while the 25-inch flat panel display also supports G-Sync.

The monitors also have built-in USB hubs and Dell's downlighting feature, which is essentially a small light on the bottom of the monitor that can illuminate an area of ​​your desk. They are also designed neutrally and have stands with all customization options.

No pricing has been announced for any of the four panels. However, since they don't cross any technical boundaries, I would expect budget-friendly pricing. Keep in mind that Dell often offers better warranties on its panels so they get a small premium compared to budget options with similar specs.

Availability in the US is scheduled for May 27th on the 25-inch and 34-inch displays, with the medium 27-inch and 32-inch panels landing on June 22nd.

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