Cubitek HPTX-ICE Case Evaluation

Cubitek was founded in spring 2010 and is a relative newcomer to the chassis industry. However, that doesn't stop it from challenging the biggest names in the business – including veteran Lian Li. Last month, the company unveiled its latest ICE range of five premium models ranging from mini-ITX to HPTX.

The cheapest is the Mini-ICE, which costs $ 170 and supports mini-ITX boards. Next up is the $ 260 Micro-ICE for MicroATX boards. This is followed by the ATX-ICE ($ 280) which, as you probably guessed, supports ATX boards. The EATX-ICE is even bigger for 320 US dollars and works up to and including EATX.

If that's not big enough for you, Cubitek is offering the HPTX-ICE for $ 360, which is 559mm high and 613mm long. All ICE series chassis have a 2.5mm aluminum construction. According to Cubitek, this makes them stronger than standard aluminum housings while maintaining a thin and light figure.

Given our penchant for full-tower chassis like the HAF X and Cooler Master's Storm Trooper, it should come as no surprise that we are reviewing Cubitek's strongest addition. We are also interested in the largest model, as only a few cases support the HPTX form factor from EVGA (mostly only Lian Li cases).

Plus, at $ 360, the HPTX-ICE is one of the most expensive cases, so we're expecting good things – although the competition is certainly tough. Lian Li's PC-V2120 is priced at $ 350 and made a strong impression when we tested it in 2010. Let's go ahead and see what the HPTX-ICE is made of – literally and figuratively …

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