Corsair is one of the RAM manufacturers preparing for the upcoming release of the Intel Alder Lake processors. The company announced that preparations are already in full swing and we can expect the new DDR5 RAM modules to hit shelves later this year. Corsair also revealed the expected bandwidth and capacity of the new DDR5 memory sticks, promising a performance we haven't seen in the DDR4 era.

DDR4 RAM was doing fine, but with the next generation of CPUs on the horizon, it's on its way to the door. Corsair claims that storage speed and capacity will improve massively. Compared to one of the 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM modules from Corsair, the newly announced 6400 MHz DDR5 stick is a huge step forward.

In the above example of a 3200 MHz DDR4 model versus the 6400 MHz DDR5, the manufacturer expects an increase in the memory bandwidth from 26 GB / s to a much higher frequency of 51 GB / s.DDR5 RAM should also come with a The base clock rate is 4800 MHz, but the technology should support up to 8400 MHz.

Corsair also announced that the capacity of a single stick of RAM will quadruple. DDR4 RAM has a maximum capacity of 32 GB per DIMM (dual inline memory module), but the new DDR5 supports up to 128 GB. This increase is not yet necessary for our current standards, but it paves the way for future upgrades and prevents bottlenecks in high-end PCs.

According to Corsair, the improved bandwidth in DDR5 will make better use of the memory bus, while the enormous capacities will allow your PC to do even more tasks at the same time. This makes DDR5 particularly attractive to streamers and content creators.

With the new Intel Alder Lake CPUs, which are due to appear in the fall, Corsair is working to meet the deadline and to prepare the new DDR5 RAM in good time for the 12th generation of Intel processors. AMD users will likely have to wait longer to try out the new DDR5 technology, as the next generation of AMD CPUs, Zen 4, is expected to be released much later, in the second half of 2022.

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