Cooler Grasp HAF X Case Evaluation

As early as December 2008, we were faced with a new and pretty exciting looking computer case from Cooler Master, which was developed exclusively for tracking players – and for tracking players. Known as the HAF 932, the chassis quickly became a fan favorite.

The Cooler Master HAF 932 had a lot to offer with its comprehensive range of functions, which included quick-release drive bays, access to the rear CPU socket, decent cable management and a massive airflow – not to mention solid build quality. At a time when so-called luxury full ATX cases came on the market for over 500 US dollars, the price was what made this case special for us. The HAF 932 was only $ 160 then and is available for only $ 130 today.

The HAF 932 had no major dangers, and now, almost two years later, it's still one of the best full-tower cases money can buy. Due to its success, Cooler Master decided to take advantage of the HAF brand by releasing two cheaper mid-tower versions. We checked both, and while they are decent options, they inevitably felt like cheaper, scaled-down versions of the original.

Since then, we've looked at a handful of other top-notch case offerings, some of which are specialized, like the pint-sized HTPC Lian Li Mini Q, the big monster Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000F, or the hyper-radical Thermaltake Level 10.

When Cooler Master announced the new HAF X as the new flagship of its "High Air Flow" line, they had our immediate attention when we wondered how they could have improved the 932's formula. A few things were immediately apparent, such as the all-black paintwork (including the interior) and a much larger case window. Both are welcome additions, even if not strictly necessary.

In contrast to the current price of currently $ 130 for the outgoing HAF 932, the new HAF X is set at $ 200. This is a more typical price for an all-steel case, so the newcomer has more competition. However, if Cooler Master sticks to its original recipe, there is no doubt that the HAF X is a worthy successor. Continue reading.

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