Convert a PDF to Phrase on a Mac

As wonderful as it is to have a text document in PDF format when you are reading it on your Mac, it is almost impossible to edit text in a document in PDF format.

There is a solution for this: convert a PDF to DOCX, a format that Microsoft Word and other text editors can work with.

Your Mac can do this conversion very easily. Below we've rounded up some of the most efficient methods. So the next time you need to edit a PDF on your Mac, you can convert it to a Word document in minutes.

1. Convert PDF to Word using Automator on Mac

Automator is a built-in application on your Mac that you can use to automate tasks. You can use it to rename files, open web pages at specific times, and export files in various formats. This includes exporting PDFs as Word documents.

To use Automator to convert a PDF file to a Word document on your Mac, open the application from the Utilities Folder in your Applications.

Press the new document Press and select workflow as your document type. Then click on Choose Button.

Drag and drop the PDF or files you want to convert onto the right side of the Automator window. This is where you build your workflow.

On the far left menu, click the arrow next to Library then click the to view the content PDFs Possibility. Select in the middle menu Extract PDF textand drag it to the workflow canvas on the right.

The Extract PDF Text action will appear below your PDF. Next to output, choose Rich text to keep the text formatting in the PDF document. Choose Plain text just to get the text.

change Save output as your preferred location for the new text document you are creating. Under Name of the output file, choose Like input name to use the same PDF file name, or select Custom name to change the name of the text file.

Press the Run Button at the top right of the window. A green check mark is displayed next to it Workflow completed at the bottom of the window when the conversion is complete.

Go to where you saved your new text document. It should come as an RTF file that you can edit in text editors like Word, TextEdit, Notes, and almost anything else on your Mac!

To save the RTF file in Word format, open the file in Word, click File> Save Asand choose DOCX or DOC as the new format. As soon as you click to save, Your PDF text now exists in a Word file type!

2. Convert a PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an application for your Mac that you can use to read, annotate, modify, and sign PDF documents. It can also convert PDF to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

To do either of these conversions, open a PDF file by Ctrl-clicking and selecting it Open with> Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Then click on File> Convert to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Click on that Convert to Dropdown and choose Microsoft Word document (* .docx) or Microsoft Word 97-2003 document (* .doc) to change the PDF to a Word format.

Make sure, that Document language Dropdown is set to the language of the text in the PDF file to preserve accents and spelling.

If you want to convert multiple PDFs to Word at the same time, click the Add files to export at the top of the window, select additional PDFs and click Continue. You should see the other PDFs in the Selected files list.

Press the Export to Word Button. When prompted, choose where to save the new Word files and edit their names if you want. Your PDFs will now be in a format Word can read and edit!

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is free for one week, but costs $ 14.99 per month after the trial period ends.

Alternatively, get Adobe Acrobat Export PDF to convert PDFs to Microsoft Office formats for just $ 1.99 per month. So, if you want something just for PDF conversion at a lower price, consider Exporting PDF instead!

3. Convert a PDF to Word to Word for Mac

You can insert PDFs into Word documents on your Mac. You can also use Word to turn a PDF into an editable Word document.

To do this conversion, open Word and click File> Open. Navigate to the PDF you want to edit and click to open.

Word may then issue a warning that text formatting may be lost when converting PDF to Word. click OK, and Word takes a moment to convert.

Once the conversion is complete, the PDF and its text will be in a Word document that you can save and edit like any other Word document!

You can save this converted PDF back as a PDF directly from Word or simply save it in DOCX or DOC format for future edits.

4. Use Google Docs to convert PDF to Word

There are some websites that allow you to upload PDFs and convert them to DOCX files in a few seconds. We've already listed some of our favorite PDF conversion websites, but another website you can use for PDF to Word conversions is Google Docs.

To use Google Docs for this, open the Google Drive site and click the equipment Icon at the top right of the window.

Choose the settingsand check the Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format You can find box there. Then click on Done Button.

Upload the PDF you want to convert to Google Drive by clicking New> File Upload, and select the PDF or drag and drop the PDF into Google Drive.

Ctrl + click the uploaded PDF and select Open with> Google Docs. A Google Document will open that contains the editable text of your PDF in the same format as the PDF (although, as in Microsoft Word, sometimes the formatting is lost in the conversion process).

You can edit your PDF text right here or download it as a Word document by clicking on File> Download> Microsoft Word (.docx). In both cases, you can change the content of the PDF file and save it again as a PDF if necessary.

There are so many ways to convert PDFs

We think it's pretty awesome that there are so many ways to convert PDF to Word formats on your Mac. Whether these methods are free or paid (most are free), they make editing and retrieving text from PDFs a lot easier than they used to be.

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