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Microsoft Lastly Rolls Out Cloud Clipboard by way of SwiftKey for Android

No more copying and pasting in Slack or Teams to share data between devices. Microsoft finally rolled out one of the most requested crossover productivity features between Windows and Android: a cloud clipboard. You no longer have to copy and paste text between your favorite messaging app and your work documents. Instead, the cloud clipboard […]

All of the New Options Coming to the Messages App in macOS Monterey

Last year, the built-in messaging app for Mac caught up with its iOS cousin with some much-needed additions like iMessage effects, GIF search, Memoji stickers, and more. This year, macOS Monterey has even more features to enhance your messaging experience on Mac. If you use your Mac frequently to reply to text messages when you […]

Why You Ought to Replace Linux Package deal Repositories Earlier than Putting in New Software program

Any experienced Linux user recommends updating software repositories before installing new packages. But why? The best thing about Linux distributions is that they install software from central repositories using package managers, a concept other operating systems are currently adopting. However, if you don't update these repositories frequently, your system may run into problems installing new […]

How you can Arrange Your Duties With Digital Desktops

It's easy to get distracted when working from home. You may even find it difficult to concentrate if you don't have a job of your own. To get things done, you need both a clear and actionable to-do list and a distraction-free environment. Adding an office to your home is difficult, but adding virtual workspaces […]

Shopping for a Refurbished Mac? 10 Issues You Must Know

Everyone knows that Mac computers are expensive. Whether the hardware is worth the price is an argument for another day, but one thing is clear: the high cost makes Macs unaffordable for a wide variety of people. If you're looking to use a Mac but don't have the money to buy a new machine, a […]

The right way to Set up AWS CLI Model 1 on Ubuntu

The AWS CLI is a command line tool for controlling and managing your AWS services. There are several ways to install the AWS CLI on Linux. You can install it with the supplied installer regardless of whether you have superuser privileges on your system. Read on to learn more about the AWS CLI and how […]

Three Simple Steps to a Twin Monitor Setup in Home windows 10

You might think that all you need to do is hook up two or more monitors to your PC by plugging them in and you're good to go. The new monitors should just turn on and work right away, right? Well, that's usually not the case. Have you considered these pitfalls: Does your computer even […]

Methods to Use Your iPhone to Sketch and Mark Up Paperwork on a Mac

You can use your iPhone or iPad's touchscreen to annotate documents or draw sketches for use on your Mac. Whether you're preparing a presentation or just sharing random doodles with friends, Apple's Continuity feature makes it easy for you to annotate and sketch using Continuity Markup and Continuity Sketch with your iPhone and Mac together. […]

How one can Present Disk Utilization in Linux With the du Command

Do you want to check disk usage on your Linux system? How to use you, a command line disk usage analyzer for Linux. If your PC is running slowly or you are having trouble installing updates and software, there is a high possibility that you are running out of disk space. The handy one you […]

Set Up Your Home windows PC for Most Productiveness

In the past, people only used computers as a work tool. Back then, most computers barely had enough processing power to run basic applications. And in a way, we could argue that these limitations allowed people to focus on work. However, our world is now controlled by powerful computers and we are surrounded by distractions. […]