How to Download and Install TeamViewer on Linux

TeamViewer is without a doubt one of the most popular remote computing clients on the Internet. Like Windows and MacOS, Linux users can also install TeamViewer on their system to remotely access other devices and computers. This article explains how to download and install TeamViewer, remote control and access software, […]

Do you remember the Windows Experience Index? The Windows Experience Index was a quick way for Windows users to see overall computer performance and any immediate bottlenecks. Microsoft has removed the graphics version of the Windows Experience Index in Windows 8.1. However, the underlying tool, the Windows System Assessment Tool, […]

A $ 2 billion class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple in the UK over App Store developer fees and commissions. A British group led by Dr. Rachael Kent of King's College London has filed a $ 2 billion class action lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit was filed against […]

Problems with bluetooth connections on Ubuntu Linux? Try these fixes to resolve the problem. Although Ubuntu Linux is a stable and robust operating system, sometimes Bluetooth connections with external devices do not work properly. If you've used bluetooth devices on your computer, you may have noticed that you need to […]

Cannot wake your Windows 10 PC from hibernation using your keyboard or mouse? Here's how to fix this problem. Sleep mode is a handy power option for your computer because you can pick up right where you left off. Usually, all you have to do is press a keyboard key […]

Unfortunately, Macs are no longer the safe haven they used to be. Yes, infections are still less common than on Windows computers, but they do happen. If your Mac is acting a little strange – you might see ads that you can't explain, or your system is inappropriately slow – […]

Are you making full use of the Windows built-in security suite? Here's how to configure Windows Defender and why. Windows Defender has come a long way since its inception. It was barely used when it was first introduced, but now most of us don't even add a third-party antivirus. In […]

File transfer between Android and Linux has never been easier with Warpinator. You can now download the Android version of Warpinator, an app originally developed by the Linux Mint team for easy file sharing between Linux computers over a local area network. With the Warpinator app in the Google Play […]