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What Is a Linux Swap Partition? Every thing You Must Know

Most Linux installations recommend including a swap partition. This may seem strange to Windows users who are used to having their entire operating system on a single partition. advertising What does a swap partition do, do you need one and how big should it be? These are all important questions that, with the right answers, […]

Eight Most Widespread Web Explorer Points (And Straightforward Methods to Repair Them)

After years of being the subject of jokes and hatred, Internet Explorer has largely been forgotten. Microsoft still includes Internet Explorer 11 (the final version) with Windows 10, but this is more than anything else for compatibility reasons. However, sometimes you find yourself in situations where you need to use Internet Explorer. Let's look at […]

The place to Purchase Refurbished MacBooks: The four Greatest Websites

When choosing a laptop, reliability is critical – especially if you want to use it as your primary device. Apple is one of the most successful hardware manufacturers in the world thanks to its commitment to hardware design and user experience. As a result, it is known that Apple computers have a long lifespan. However, […]

How one can Set Up SSH on Linux and Take a look at Your Setup: A Newbie’s Information

One of the main ways to use Linux is SSH. With this remote command line tool you can do everything from installing the software to configuring Linux as a web server. SSH can save you time, make you more productive, and help you unlock the performance of your Linux distribution. But how do you set […]

Learn how to Discover Your IP Handle on Home windows 10

In short, you can think of your computer's IP address as a virtual home address that can be changed if necessary View and change your IP address in Windows 7, 8 and 10 You can use your computer without knowing your own IP address, but want to know how to check this? How to quickly […]

How To Enhance Web site Visitors With Free Visitors Generator Safely

I don't think I have to tell you what a free traffic generator is. Rather, it's important to show you how to use it safely to increase the number of website visitors. I keep hearing a frequent question from my readers. How can I increase traffic on my website? Should I use a free traffic […]

Apple iTunes Present Playing cards FAQ: 7 Frequent Questions, Answered

iTunes is Apple's marketplace for all types of media, software and entertainment. If you've received an iTunes gift card, you can use it to buy apps, books, music, movies, and more. Quick links If you are not familiar with iTunes or have never received an iTunes gift card, you may have some questions about how […]

What Are Config Information? Easy methods to Edit Them Safely

Most of the computer programs we use – whether office suites, web browsers or even video games – are configured via menu interfaces. It's almost the standard way we use our machines. advertising With some programs, however, you have to go one step further. Instead of menus, you have to edit a text file so […]

The right way to Optimize Home windows 10 for Gaming and Efficiency

Windows 10 is a great operating system for gamers that mixes native games, supports retro titles, and even offers Xbox One streaming. But it is not perfect immediately. advertising Some improvements are needed to enjoy the best gaming experience Windows 10 has to offer. Here you will find different ways to optimize your Windows 10 […]

Find out how to Make Your Pc Sooner [ Windows 10]

If you are looking for how to make your computer for Windows 10 faster, this post is for you. As an IT manager, I often ask myself how the computer can run faster. Your PC is your personal entertainment and business hub. Computer performance is very good when new. But its performance slows down over […]