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Is FaceTime Not Working? 15 Potential Fixes to Strive

When FaceTime works, it's wonderful: you can video call your friends and family with perfect clarity. However, if FaceTime doesn't work, there are so many potential problems that it is difficult to fix. advertising We've put together the best ways to fix FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Start with the most likely solution […]

The best way to Set up Linux on a Chromebook

Did you know you can run Linux on your Chromebook? By installing a traditional Linux environment on your Chromebook, you can quickly and easily unlock the true potential of your computer and improve its functionality. advertising Since Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system, users can install an alternative Linux environment and install a full-fledged […]

How you can Use an Animated GIF as Your Wallpaper in Home windows 10

Video background images can be extremely extreme. Most of us prefer static high resolution wallpapers and love to download them in bulk. However, there is a third type of background image: the GIF background image. advertising It's easy for smartphones, but Windows doesn't support it by default. So we have to rely on workarounds. How […]

What to Know Earlier than Altering iTunes and App Retailer Nation

We may live in a connected world, but international laws and guidelines cannot always keep up with our jet setting methods. You will discover this firsthand if you ever try to change your iTunes or App Store account from one country to another. While it is possible to change your iTunes or App Store country […]

The Greatest Terminal Textual content Editors, In contrast

It may surprise you that many aspects of your Linux desktop are not hidden behind complex code. Numerous programs and system settings are hidden in text files. You can open it with your standard text editor like Gedit or Kate, but the terminal is often faster, especially if you need administrator rights. Two of the […]

5 Highly effective Options to the Home windows Process Supervisor

Windows 10 occasionally encounters difficulties: unresponsive windows, high CPU usage, high disk usage, suspicious apps, etc. In this case, Windows Task Manager is your first line of attack. advertising Although Windows 10 brought some upgrades for Task Manager, it's still missing. For this reason, you should try an alternative task manager. The following Windows Task […]

Easy methods to Create and Boot From a Linux USB Drive on Mac

Linux has long been synonymous with bootable flash drives, be it to fix a problem with your primary operating system or to try different distributions. There are several ways to create a bootable Ubuntu USB drive (or other Linux USB drive) for Mac. You can choose the freeware route for an easy option, or you […]

Risking Your Privateness Is Extra Enjoyable Than the Librem 5

Our judgment of Purism Librem 5 ::With a solid operating system and privacy-oriented hardware kill switches, the Librem 5 is bulkier than expected and consumes battery. While the philosophy behind the phone is solid, Librem 5 is likely to be picked up only by Linux users and privacy advocates.510th Smartphones offer countless amenities for our […]

Customized Mouse Cursors for Home windows 10: Methods to Get Began

Tired of the standard white cursor in Windows? Most users customize the background image, sounds, and other elements of the computer, but don't think about optimizing the cursor. advertising Fortunately, changing the look of your cursor is easy. Let's look at how to use a custom cursor in Windows. Where to find custom mouse pointers […]

The right way to Collaborate in Default Mac Apps: Notes, Calendar, and Extra

If you need to work with colleagues, you may not all be in the same place. Perhaps you are part of a permanent remote team or work temporarily in different locations. While you can easily use a team communication app, this is not always the most effective way to collaborate. advertising Regardless of whether it's […]