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10 Safari Mac Browser Tricks to Increase Velocity and Efficiency

Safari generally provides the fastest, most efficient browsing experience for Mac users. Apple invests heavily in optimizing the browser's performance and energy consumption specifically for Apple hardware. Unfortunately, over time, this doesn't always last. Safari can be slow, bloated, and unresponsive like any other browser. Let's take a look at how to speed up Safari […]

5 Finest Torrent Shoppers for Free Downloads

We have no shortage of torrent customers to choose from – the difficulty is choosing the best one for your needs. Some can be infected with malware. Others have a variety of features that occasional users rarely use. If you want to learn more about the best torrent downloaders in 2020, read on. Available on: […]

How one can Use Home windows Batch File Instructions to Automate Repetitive Duties

Before Windows became our preferred user interface, everything was done with commands. Some of our readers may recall using MS-DOS commands to do the smallest of tasks. Today, you can still use commands to automate tasks and increase your productivity. If you have several repetitive tasks, you can write a batch file to automate the […]

The way to Obtain Apps on Apple TV

Do you want to expand the capabilities of your Apple TV? We'll show you all the ways you can install apps for new functions and services. Just like on the iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple Watch, downloading apps to your Apple TV is a quick and easy process. With just a few steps, you […]

Tips on how to Mix A number of ISO Information Right into a Single Bootable ISO Picture

There are hundreds of Linux Live CDs online and almost all of them are absolutely free. Many are indispensable for various purposes, e.g. B. for desktop recovery, security, penetration tests, system rescue, drive cloning and much more. Then there are hundreds of Linux distributions that work as a bootable CD. Of course, you don't want […]

Tips on how to Repair the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” Error

When trying to access a website, do you get an error that says DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN? This error is actually related to your DNS settings. You can fix it by changing a few DNS options here and there on your computer. This error usually occurs when your browser cannot resolve the DNS for a domain name. The […]

What Is a Magic Keyboard?

Unlike laptop users, those of us who still use desktop computers will need a separate keyboard. Although you can use almost any keyboard with most PCs, the Apple Magic Keyboard is your best bet if you've bought an Apple computer. The keyboard is either included or offered as an option for most Macs and is […]

The best way to Twin Boot a Raspberry Pi Utilizing BerryBoot

Do you need more than one operating system on your Raspberry Pi? Various tools are available to manage the process, including the Raspberry Pi Foundation's NOOBS and its predecessor BerryBoot. NOOBS is considered by many to be the superior installer, but it lacks some options from BerryBoot. Would you like to try BerryBoot to dual […]

How one can Set up Home windows Software program With out the Bundled Junk

Free software that you download from the Internet often includes toolbars, trials, and other third-party extras that try to install alongside the main program. These "special offers" can change your browser settings, slow down your system, display pop-ups and ads, and even infect your PC with malware. Although bundleware is not as common as it […]

Easy methods to Shortly Ship and Obtain Recordsdata from a Mac by way of FTP

Your Mac can send and receive files in many different ways, but FTP is often overlooked. Here's how to use it. If you want to send or receive files from your Mac on your local network, all you need is an FTP client. Apple's macOS has an option that lets you share files between your […]