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The 7 Greatest RSS Feed Readers for Linux

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a web feed that keeps you updated on the latest updates from your favorite websites on the Internet. To read these feeds, however, you need a so-called RSS reader. An RSS reader is a feed curator that aggregates content from your favorite sources on the Internet and organizes it […]

Take away a Community Adapter in Home windows 10 and Home windows 11

Windows will automatically update your list of your network adapters. Whenever you install a new one, be it a new Bluetooth connection, a new Wi-Fi dongle, or a virtual network adapter, you'll find it at Network connections. From time to time you may want to remove an old network adapter from the list to keep […]

Create Skilled Screencasts With ScreenFlow

When it comes to recording what's happening on your Mac screen, ScreenFlow has long been a popular app thanks to its rich functionality and easy-to-use editing interface. To the existing multiple screen capture option, ScreenFlow 10 adds the ability to capture multiple cameras and microphones at the same time. So, you can create professional looking […]

The Eight Greatest Wi-fi Penetration Testing Instruments for Linux

WiFi penetration tools help cybersecurity analysis by delving deeper into the details of the security framework. Before hackers use these tools to infiltrate your system, it is a wise decision to scan your network for such vulnerabilities. To this end, many companies are starting to use Wi-Fi penetration testing tools to uncover the vulnerabilities in […]

Need to Change Your Default Browser in Home windows 11? Microsoft Simply Made It Tougher

Windows 11 is just around the corner, and the new iteration is expected to make it difficult for users to switch their default browsers. With the release of Google Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft quickly lost market share in the browser market. Internet Explorer that came with Windows was mainly used to download another browser. However, […]

How one can Use SSH-Keygen to Generate an SSH Key on Mac

Strict online security has become a must for many of us, and as malicious operators get smarter, tools and protections need to get stronger to keep up. Secure Shell (SSH) is an encryption protocol that allows you to send data securely by coupling a public key with a private key. In a variety of situations, […]

Entry BBSes in Linux Utilizing Telnet

In the 80s and early 90s, the most popular way to get online in the US was through Bulletin Board Systems, or BBSes. While they are nowhere near as numerous as when they were in their prime in the mid-1990s, there are still hobbyists who operate these systems around the world. And you can access […]

Can’t Open the Quantity Mixer in Home windows 10? This is What to Do

Sometimes you want to adjust the volume of an app for a perfect work environment, but for some reason you can't open the volume mixer. This means that you will no longer have any control over your volume and you will stay at the setting that was on before the volume mixer disappeared. Since pinpointing […]

Delete Passwords From Keychain Entry on macOS

You may need to delete keychain passwords on your Mac if you've saved the wrong one or deleted your account. That's how it works. You can keep your passwords safe on your Mac with Apple's macOS Keychain. The keychain – which resembles a security database – stores your login information on your system for easy […]

Why Many Linux App Builders Don’t Need Distros to Use Themes

You can combine Linux with the freedom to make your desktop look however you want, but GNOME doesn't. At least not without knowing which extensions to install or how to read code. GNOME is designed to have a certain look and feel by default, and many developers would prefer if Linux distributions didn't change the […]