What Is the Difference Between CHKDSK, SFC, and DISM in Windows 10?

If you've discovered a strange process called Desktop Window Manager on your PC, you may be confused and even concerned. Where did that come from? What is it doing And could it be some form of malware? We'll tell you everything you need to know about Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe), […]

Windows 10 Insider Build 20241 Adds Some Great Features

Play? Entertainment? Companies? It doesn't matter as Windows 10 will soon meet all the requirements. Buying a new PC is always an exhilarating experience that quickly deteriorates when you find yourself having to set everything up from scratch. However, Microsoft wants to make this process easier by having Windows 10 […]

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If this is your first time discovering Linux, Ubuntu is likely one of your first recommendations. You may even have stumbled upon Ubuntu before even familiarizing yourself with Linux. What makes Ubuntu so special? How is it different from other versions of Linux (known as Linux distributions)? The short answer […]

6 Best Text Expansion Tools for Windows

There is always a handy trick to discover and simplify your life thanks to the tools available on Microsoft Whiteboard. As for apps, this is a simple one, but it offers various, even fun, ways to communicate with your team. Whether for corporate or artistic communication, you can draw, write, […]

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You can't run fully open versions of Linux on an Apple iPhone or even an Android device, although the latter will run Linux. That's why Pine Microsystems has developed the PinePhone, an affordable smartphone that can run mobile versions of traditional "desktop" luxury. The PinePhone supports several mobile interfaces for […]

How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

In need of some simple Windows 10 tweaks to increase productivity? Tired of the limited customization options? Do you want to make it look great? By using built-in features and third-party tools, you can really make Windows 10 unique, add your own personal stamp, and be more productive. As the […]

How to Change Your Desktop Background on Mac

When you find yourself in a situation where you need to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations on Mac, there are several options. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote provide some great collaboration features when you work from home or even in the office. To make your work easier, this tutorial will […]