Should You Delete the Hiberfil.sys File in Windows 10?

If you're browsing your computer for large files, you almost certainly stumbled upon something hiberfil.sys. This Windows file is responsible for handling the computer hibernation. What is hibernation for anyway? Do you need this file or should you delete hiberfil.sys to save space? We'll answer these questions and more as […]

How to View Your Laptop's Battery Cycle Count on Windows and Mac

Here's how to check the number of battery cycles you've gone through on Windows 10 and Mac laptops. As you probably know, batteries are consumables. While the battery in your laptop will hopefully last for several years, its performance will degrade over time as you use it. This means that […]

How to Move Mac Files to Android Without Android File Transfer

Moving files between Mac and Android has always been a problem. Android uses MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) to share files with a computer. Windows supports this natively, but MacOS does not. The official solution from Google is the Android File Transfer app which is buggy and often stops working. Fortunately, […]

An example of the eye contact feature in action

With companies around the world increasingly adopting a work-from-home model, webcam etiquette has never been more important. If you never know where to look during a video conference, Microsoft is trying to fix it with the new Eye Contact feature for the Surface Pro X. What is the eye contact […]

Drummer feature in GarageBand

Drummer is one of the most impressive features of GarageBand. It's an easy way to add professional-quality drum tracks to your project, with almost unlimited customization options. If you've never used Drummer in GarageBand, we'll explain everything you need to know to get the most of it in your next […]