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AMD Ryzen 3 5300G Evaluation

We recently tested AMD's Ryzen 7 5700G and Ryzen 5 5600G processors with Vega graphics in the hopes that these APUs might be a valid stopgap solution for PC gamers looking for better graphics card prices. As discussed in our review, the R7 5700G makes no sense at the fairly high price of $ 360, […]

AMD CPUs stay extra widespread than Intel’s amongst Puget Programs’ workstation clients

What just happened Custom PC maker Puget Systems has released its latest report on the distribution of Intel and AMD CPUs in the workstations it sells, and it's more good news for AMD. Team Red processors can still be found in about six out of ten systems sold by the company, which temporarily removed AMD […]

GPU shipments jumped 42% in Q2 as AMD’s market share declined

In a nutshell: Given that chip scarcity is dominating the headlines, one might expect the GPU and CPU markets to have shrunk, but the opposite is true. GPU shipments rose a massive 37% year over year in the second quarter of 2021 and increased 3.4% sequentially. Of the three graphics companies, Nvidia and Intel gained […]

Early benchmarks present how Intel’s Core i9-12900Okay is coming after the Ryzen 9 5950X’s efficiency crown

Something to look forward to: The closer we get to the release of the first processors of the Intel Alder Lake family, the more benchmark results appear online. The latest shows that Intel may finally have a true flagship CPU that can compete with AMD's Ryzen 5950X. Intel's Alder Lake processor family is expected to […]

Intel lays out multi-chip structure plans: 12th-gen Core, GPUs, next-gen datacenter SoC, and extra

Something to look forward to: Intel seems to be on the rise lately. After an impressive discussion of the long-term roadmap for the chip manufacturing process and the debut of its new Intel Arc brand of discrete graphics chips (GPUs) for gamers, the company has delivered an equally impressive and comprehensive look at the designs […]

Noctua cooler homeowners can seize Alder Lake mounting kits free of charge as soon as the CPUs launch

Why it matters: Intel's Alder Lake is on its way, and with it the move from the current generation LGA 1200 socket to the LGA 1700. If you're one of the many people who own a Noctua cooler and want to upgrade your CPU, here's some good news : The company is giving away free […]

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Professional 5995WX and 5945WX seem within the wild

Rumor mill: Earlier this week, two systems appeared on a distributed computing platform that were recorded to be running on AMD's not-yet-unveiled Ryzen 5000 series thread rippers. The record doesn't reveal much about the processors, but what is there, if it's real, confirms information about them that came from the Gigabyte ransomware leaks. On August […]

Voltage manipulation can bypass {hardware} safety on AMD’s server CPUs

Why it matters: Researchers at the Technical University of Berlin have shown that AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) technology can be bypassed by manipulating the input voltages, thereby compromising the technology, similar to previous attacks against its Intel counterpart. SEV relies on the Secure Processor (SP), a humble arm Cortex-A5, to create a trust base […]

AMD and Valve are growing an improved Linux CPU driver that may profit the Steam Deck

Shortly: AMD and Valve are working on an improved Linux CPU driver that will improve frequency scaling on Zen-2 processors. This should give some more credibility to Valve's claim that the Steam Deck can achieve at least 30 frames per second in all modern games. When Valve announced the Steam Deck last month, it caused […]

Intel’s Itanium is lastly useless

Look back: After Intel had left no traces in the computer world for 20 years, Intel finally stopped shipping its Itanium processors last Thursday. While the company shifted its focus back to the more popular x86 instruction set architecture (ISA) in 2004, it kept Itanium going for another decade and a half until it was […]