If, like many of us, you have enjoyed the great Free Tier of LastPass for the past several years, you are probably dismayed to see that LastPass is changing the way its Free Access works. Starting March 16, you can only sync your LastPass database between mobile devices or computers, […]

The Best Apple Deals Today – AirPods, MacBook, Apple Watch

Apple fans are always on the lookout for discounts on the company's most popular products, including AirPods deals, MacBook deals, and Apple Watch deals. You can buy wireless earbuds, laptops, and smartwatches from other brands. However, if you're already heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem or want to know what […]

How to Increase Your Privacy and Security in Zoom

Zoom has faced several privacy and security concerns as more and more people turn to Zoom to communicate. Companies, including SpaceX, have started telling employees to stop using the service while others, including consumers, have started to look to alternatives. But what if you still need to use zoom? We'll […]

Microsoft Outlook on the Web Gets Improved Calendar View

Microsoft is updating its popular Outlook e-mail service on the web with new features that will help you better manage your calendar and take control of your busy day. The first feature, known as the Outlook Calendar Card, toggles the sometimes difficult-to-understand grid view of your calendar that you are […]