Bulletstorm GPU & CPU Efficiency In-depth

The first person shooter Bulletstorm has been out for a week and we have to say that the generally positive reviews and comments from critics remind us of the simple and old-fashioned shooter Serious Sam. That plus a generous amount of profanity designed to give the genre a noticeable touch.

Marketing for the game has followed a similar pattern. Last January a viral video was posted for Bulletstorm spoofing Halo 3's "Believe" campaign. A month later, they mocked the Call of Duty franchise with a free downloadable PC game called Duty Calls. That's not to say EA was all awesome, considering they denied a demo to PC gamers that consoles received prior to release.

The companies co-developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly claim they focused more on the gameplay and plot of Bulletstorm than the graphics. However, if you look at any of the screenshots of the beautiful views we took in the game, you will be impressed with how they used the Unreal Engine 3.5.

At the center of Bulletstorm's gameplay is the "Skillshot" system. This gameplay system rewards the player for creating and inciting mayhem in the most creative and destructive ways possible, from killing an enemy in the air to poking an enemy into a carnivorous plant to executing an enemy after being in the testicles was shot. The more unusual the skill shot, the more points players get to improve their character and unlock weapons, which allows the player to perform even more creative moves and exaggerated skill shots.

At this point we should mention another game that Bulletstorm reminds us of: Singularity. We tested this game last year, which was also made with the proven Unreal 3 game engine, but the similarities don't stop there. We found it frustrating to customize Singularity as the developer (Raven) decided to hide all advanced configuration settings from users, although the majority of PC gamers want to tweak options to improve performance and visual quality. Bulletstorm is unfortunately following this trend, as many notice, whether you are most interested in the single player or the multiplayer portion of the game.

As usual, in this performance review, we'll focus on how Bulletstorm is doing on your PC. After struggling with the game's configuration settings, we were able to run all the necessary tests on a large number of GPUs as well as a range of different processors. Continue reading.

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