Be aware Taking On Chromebooks Made Simpler With Cursive

Have you tried Cursive, Google's web app for handwritten notes? Here's how to install and use it on your Chromebook.

Cursive is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that Google introduced with the release of the HP Chromebook x2 11. This app allows you to take handwritten notes on your Chromebook with a stylus.

The app supports touchpad and mouse, but works best with a pen and touchscreen. Italic is great for drawing and scribbling notes and ideas on your Chromebook. You can capture, edit and organize your notes which the app syncs with your Google account.

So let's take a look at the installation process and an overview of what Cursive does.

Here's how to install Cursive on your Chromebook

Cursive is pretty easy to install. You can download it on your Chromebook by going to in your Chrome browser. You'll see Download Icon in the left corner of your address bar. Click on it.

Now click on To install to get cursive on your Chromebook accessible from the app drawer.

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Explore the Italic app

Here's a quick look at the interface and some of the features the app offers its users.

1. Home screen

There are two main options on the app's home screen: New note and New notebook. Notebooks are a collection of notes that you can create for your convenience and for recording.

You can access all of your notes and notebooks from this splash screen. You can click Three points (More options) next to a note to delete it or add it to a notebook.

If you click on New note, the app takes you to the notes interface. Click on New notebook opens a small window in which you can name your notebook and assign it a colorful one cover your choice.

In addition, you can also access various options such as: Feature tour and Show trash by clicking on Three points (More options) in the upper right corner of the screen, just below the Close Button.

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2. Interface for creating notes

The main interface has tools on the left side of the top bar and the Cancel and Repeat Buttons on the right. You have that too Three points (More options) Icon in the right corner of this bar to click on the settings Menu.

The tools that Cursive currently offers are:

  1. the Pen is your primary tool for drawing and writing in cursive. You can change the color and thickness of the pen.

  2. You have the Highlighter to highlight what you wrote with the pen. You get the same customization options for the highlighter that you get for the pen.

  3. Then you have your eraser to make changes to your notes.

  4. You also get one selection Tool for selecting different sections of your notes.

  5. Then there is that make space Tool to create space between your notes when you need to add information.

  6. Finally, you have the option Insert a picture on your notice board.

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On the far right in the top bar (under More options).

Once you've made notes in Cursive, there is no need to manually save them. Just close the app or return to the home screen by clicking the home Icon on the far left in the top bar.

You can get to know cursive better by using the Feature tour or click on Learn more.

Take your digital notes to the next level

As you've seen, Cursive is an intuitive note-taking app on your Chromebook. If you own a Chromebook with a stylus, this app is a must have for you. But feel free to test it with your touchpad or mouse.

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