Averatec 18.4″ All-In-One PC evaluate

Averatec is a name that some may not be familiar with. Averatec was founded in 1984 and produces notebooks in the lower price range based on processors such as Intel Celeron and AMD Turion 64. Averatec, now known as the global brand of TriGem, recently released an all-in-one PC for the general computer user. This 18.4-inch desktop system uses Intel's mobile Atom processor and comes in a very small and aesthetically pleasing package.

The all-in-one for $ 490 has everything you need: the system itself, keyboard and mouse, mousepad, cleaning cloth, power cord and adapter, hinge locking clip, quick start guide, recovery DVD, and application program CD. I appreciate the fact that the recovery software comes on a separate CD instead of being installed on the system's hard drive. This can save you a lot of time in the event your hard drive crashes and you forgot to burn a recovery CD beforehand.

The included keyboard and mouse are wired and pretty simple in design and quality. Both are above average in size, which can be fine if you're short on space but not that much for long-term use.

The Averatec All-In-One PC has an 18.4-inch LCD that is connected directly to a base in which the system's hardware is located. The display has a glossy surface that is framed on a glossy black bezel with an integrated web camera in the middle.

The base of the all-in-one PC is roughly an inch larger than a standard 10-inch netbook. Although Averatec is almost the same size, Averatec has succeeded in installing an optical drive, which we are not used to with such a small footprint. The technical specifications are similar to those of most netbooks: An Intel Atom N270 processor with 1.6 GHz, Intel 945MS + ICH7 chipset, 1 GB DDR2 memory, 160 GB hard drive with 5400 rpm, 10/100 LAN and 802.11 b / g WLAN. All run on Windows XP Home Edition.

Our test device was delivered with only 1 GB DDR2 on board, which is the standard of the system. However, you can order the system with an additional gigabyte to occupy the single SO-DIMM expansion slot or upgrade it yourself.

The front of the base of the All-In-One PC has a chrome accent strip with two LEDs (power and hard drive activity) and six buttons: power, brightness up / down, mute and LCD. On the right side of the PC there is an MMC / SD / Memory Stick card reader, microphone and headphone connections, two USB connections, an exhaust vent and a VGA output, which is covered by a retractable door. There are three additional USB ports on the back of the housing as well as the power connection and a network socket. On the left side of the system is the dual layer DVD burner.

Despite its netbook heritage, the Averatec All-in-One comes with five USB ports that are handy on a desktop system. After all, you have three free ports as soon as you connect the keyboard and mouse.

The top of the computer has a tiny opening for the built-in microphone near the front of the device. Further back we find two perforated openings for the integrated speaker system.

There are four screw holes on the bottom of the computer that you can use to attach the computer to the wall. Apparently nine screws have to be removed to access the hard drive and memory. I tried removing the bottom panel and accessing the internals, which seemed easy enough. I was able to remove a total of seven screws with ease, but the other two were so tight that I stripped both of them. I used the right tools so I can only wonder if this is an isolated event as it would make updating memory and swapping hard drives unnecessarily complicated.

The 18.4-inch display is mounted on the base of the PC via a single adjustable chrome arm. The screen can be raised, lowered and tilted back and forth. As you can see above, the screen can be lowered and tilted fully back for easy wall mounting or easy portability.

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