Linux has long been synonymous with bootable flash drives, be it to fix a problem with your primary operating system or to try different distributions. There are several ways to create a bootable Ubuntu USB drive (or other Linux USB drive) for Mac. You can choose the freeware route for […]

"The Orion 3000 is wrapped in black LED lighting and can be used as a Darth Vader helmet in a compact Yoda size." Many ports, including USB-C Solid game performance Compact metal case Clever levers for holding headphones Quiet fans Only available in a single configuration The limited internal storage […]

HP OMEN X Emperium 65 "large format gaming display "The Omen X Emperium is an amazingly large gaming monitor, but not a TV replacement." Beautiful, fluid gameplay Nvidia Shield TV is a nice addition Clean, simple design Soundbar included The image quality has its shortcomings Annoying remote control Not a […]

Our judgment of Purism Librem 5 ::With a solid operating system and privacy-oriented hardware kill switches, the Librem 5 is bulkier than expected and consumes battery. While the philosophy behind the phone is solid, Librem 5 is likely to be picked up only by Linux users and privacy advocates.510th Smartphones […]