This is The Craziest Dell XPS Deal We've Seen in a Long Time

Digital trends can earn a commission when you buy from links on our website. The laptop deals offered by retailers cover different budgets and needs, including basic machines that you can buy very cheaply. However, if you need a reliable laptop for work, school, or entertainment purposes, then you should […]

Would you like to personalize your KDE desktop by customizing the login screen? Here's how to do it. When it comes to personalizing and customizing Linux desktops, the KDE Plasma desktop environment offers an incredible amount of themes and tweaks. It offers a variety of options to make your desktop […]

The OGS (Overclocked Gaming Systems) team achieved a new world record with the AMD RX 6900 XT. The Greek overclockers were able to bring the card to 3.3 GHz, the fastest clock speed ever achieved for a graphics card. Success comes less than a month after Der8auer set an earlier […]

The likelihood that something will go wrong during a Windows 10 update installation is high. One of the most common problems is a stuck update. What do we mean by updates getting stuck? If Windows Update doesn't work, it either won't install or it takes an unusually long time to […]

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The Framework laptop, a modular notebook that allows you to swap out most parts for repairs or upgrades, is now on a limited pre-sale. Announced earlier this year by one of the founders of Oculus, this framework notebook is designed to redefine the approach we see so often today. We […]