The 5 Best Comic Book Reader Apps for Windows

Microcomputers are celebrating a comeback thanks to products like The C64 and The Mini PET Kit. These options are pretty expensive if you're looking to get back into microcomputing. They can cost hundreds of dollars and in some cases require a lot of technical knowledge. What are your options if […]


If, like many of us, you have enjoyed the great Free Tier of LastPass for the past several years, you are probably dismayed to see that LastPass is changing the way its Free Access works. Starting March 16, you can only sync your LastPass database between mobile devices or computers, […]

4 Easy Ways to Access and Edit iPhone Apple Notes on Windows

Since the update to version 10.15 Catalina, macOS contains the Z-Shell (zsh) instead of Bash in the Terminal app by default. That said, you still get the same black window with white text in the terminal. Things don't have to stay that way. You can spice up the zsh prompt […]

CHOTU CAR MECHANIC | छोटू दादा गेराज वाला | Chotu Dada Comedy Video | comedy 2020

chotucarmechanic #chotukagarage #Chotukicar दोस्तो क्या आप ने कभी बिना इनजन के मोटर कार को चलते हुए देखा हैं ??? या कोई ऊठ को …