Asus P7P55D Deluxe Motherboard Evaluate

Last September, Intel introduced its highly regarded Core i5 processor along with the new LGA1156 platform and delivered a brand new chipset for the important mainstream market. As you learned from our previous reporting, the Core i5 700 and Core i7 800 parts are based on the "Lynnfield" architecture, while the Intel P55 chipset is code-named "Ibex Peak".

Although Intel has just released this platform, it has set a shipping target of one million Lynnfield processors by the end of 2009. They do the math, which gives them four months to distinguish themselves. Since so many parts are expected to be delivered by the end of the year, it makes sense that just as many compatible motherboards will be moved.

Asus expects to sell nearly half a million P55 motherboards by the end of the year. If it does, it means that P55 products alone make up 10% of the Taiwanese manufacturer's annual motherboard shipments.

In other words, there is a lot at stake for both Asus and its competitors. To meet the diverse demand for P55 products, Asus launched a total of nine P55-based motherboards on the launch day of the platform. The price ranges from $ 135 for the basic P7P55D LE to $ 250 for the Maximus III Formula and the P7P55 WS SuperComputer.

The P7P55D series is at the heart of Asus' P55 range, and the $ 220 P7P55D Deluxe we're reviewing today is your choice if you're looking for an integrated P55 solution. Then the obvious question must be what exactly makes this motherboard so special.

You will immediately find some unique and interesting functions, such as: B. TurboV Remote, described by Asus as a versatile real-time overclocking hardware controller. There's also an innovative 24-hybrid phase design and something called Asus T.Probe that regulates the temperature of the power phase across the board.

Among other things, the P7P55D Deluxe comes with Express Gate, Asus' instant-on operating system, the ability to save BIOS OC profiles, fan-less cooling based on a heat pipe and the guarantee of an enthusiastic installation. You get your integrated power switch, additional protection against static electricity and a module that allows you to connect the cables on the front of your housing with a single plug.

Read on as we take a closer look at these and other features on the next few pages.

** In order to better illustrate you given the many alternatives available among the P55 motherboard offerings, we will be releasing a 7-way P55 motherboard summary in the coming days, the products from Asrock, Asus, DFI , ECS, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI covers. In the meantime, please enjoy our thorough look at the Asus P7P55D Deluxe.

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