Asus hopes to blur the line between sports and sports with its new Republic of Gamers laptop. This Asus ROG laptop is based on the ROG Strix SCAR series and was developed in collaboration with professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston. Unfortunately, gamers and esports gamers cannot buy this laptop as it was designed as a special concept designed exclusively for the skateboarder himself. Fans can still download exclusive wallpapers and Instagram features from Asus.

"The concept introduces new design explorations at the intersection of sports and skateboarding culture," Asus said in a statement. "By developing this concept for Nyjah Huston, ROG was able to explore new ways to enhance the ROG gaming laptop experience and pave the way for new design thinking and future innovation."

Given that the Strix SCAR, with its ultra-high 360 Hz refresh indicators and performance, comes from Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3000 series and AMD's Ryzen 5000 processors. was designed for sport and served as a basis for cooperation. The ROG Strix Nyjah Huston Speical Edition features a unique design with the Huston logo on the lid of the notebook and bespoke packaging that is part of the partnership.

"The ROG Strix Nyjah Huston Special Edition enhances the sporty Strix SCAR design by introducing elements that celebrate the Huston brand and skateboarding culture," said Asus of the laptop's design. "Since exploring the city is an integral part of street skateboarding, ROG also incorporated elements into the design that are reminiscent of the concrete structures of a city."

The Huston logo is clearly visible on the lid with a Katana cut RGB slash that complements the backlit ROG logo. Asus has also embedded hidden accents that are only visible when using the included UV flashlight. The keyboard deck and bottom of the laptop have smoky translucent surfaces that allow you to see inside the laptop, and Asus claims the design was inspired by the use of X-rays to check for broken bones after skateboarders have broken bones.

"The opto-mechanical keyboard has received a unique treatment, starting with a custom font that is also included in labels on the case," said Asus of the laptop's unique customizations. “The number keys match the scars of skateboarding, with the skull on the“ 0 ”key representing rebirth. The ROG designers adjusted the transparency of the keycaps to allow for a circular backlight effect for each key. And the Numlock button on the touchpad has been replaced with the Huston logo. "

In addition to the unique design that blends skateboard culture with esports games, Asus has bundled matching accessories, including a ROG Strix Impact II mouse with a skull pattern, a custom desk mat with an LED light strip that illuminates the edges, and a Dual – UV flashlight mode, with which "Easter eggs" can be found on the laptop.

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