Asus Crosshair III System motherboard assessment

It is hard to believe that the AMD Phenom is now almost 2 years old. During this time, we have only tested a few AM2 + motherboards that support it. There are two good reasons for this. The first is that the demand for Phenom processors has been miserably low at launch, and has probably only increased in recent months.

The other reason is that the AM2 + platform has been around for ages and new motherboards that offer something to talk about are in short supply.

About a year ago, we tested the Asus Crosshair II formula, which is based on the Nvidia nForce 780a SLI chipset. This board provided those who were brave enough to include a Phenom processor a stable platform with a number of impressive features like triple SLI. At the time, we said the Crosshair II Formula was a well-designed motherboard that was disappointed with a performance-hungry chipset and sub-par processors.

The reality was that the Phenom processors available at the time could not keep up with the Intel Core 2 series. AMD managed to change the situation when the Phenom II X4 was released with 2.8 GHz and 3.0 GHz models.

With the Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition processor in the arsenal, AMD finally looks as if they are serious. The Phenom II X4 955 also helped bring the AM3 platform to the market, giving them a true high-performance processor.

Now, after a long anticipation, AMD has a processor that really deserves a high-quality, high-end motherboard. The new Crosshair III formula empties the Nvidia chipset for the popular AMD 790FX and, as a result, drops SLI support for CrossFireX. This latest Asus motherboard comes with almost everything in traditional ROG fashion (Republic Of Gamers).

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