Assign Duties to Folks With Reminders on a Mac

The integrated reminder app is ideal for breaking up a large project into smaller tasks and assigning them to different people.

Life is becoming ever more fast-paced and hectic, leading people to turn to apps and tools to help them manage, organize, and plan their lives – be it on a personal or organizational level.

Redesigned in 2020, Apple added a handy feature to the Reminders app that many third-party apps seem to lack: the ability to delegate and assign tasks to other people. Here's how it works on a Mac.

What you need to know about assigning reminders

The ability to assign reminders – and take advantage of other new features like smart lists, tags, and improved Siri features – is only available with the updated reminders app. This means your device should be running macOS Catalina.

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Then make sure your app is synced with iCloud. To do this on a Mac:

  1. Go to System Preferences> Apple ID, then choose iCloud in the sidebar.
  2. Check the box next to memories.

As soon as you open the reminder app, you'll see a Welcome to memories Window asking you to upgrade. Just click Update, can be found next to your iCloud account.

Note that the updated reminder app is not backward compatible with previous versions of the app. This means that you cannot share and delegate content to other people who do not have an updated reminder app.


How to assign reminders to people on Mac

Before assigning tasks, make sure you have a shared list of people you want to assign reminders to or delegate to. To share an iCloud reminders list with others:

  1. Open that memories App.
  2. Select the list you want to split, Ctrl-click to access the context menu, then select Share list.
  3. Select the method you want to use to send your invitation.
  4. Tick Anyone can add more people If you want to allow other people you've invited to add more people to the shared list. Deactivate this option if you do not want other people to be invited to the list.

Note that the invitee cannot view and edit the shared list until they have accepted the invitation.

How to assign reminders

Now that you've shared an iCloud reminder list, you can assign tasks to other people. First, select the shared list in the sidebar; You know it's a shared list when there's a person icon next to it. Then do one of the following:

  • Ctrl-click on the reminder, move the mouse pointer over it Assign to, and then select the person you want to assign it to from the list of assignees.
  • Press the Assign reminder Button or the person icon under the reminder, and then select the assignee.
  • Press the info (i) Button in the top right of the reminder, and then click the drop-down menu next to Assign to to select an authorized representative.

As soon as you've assigned the reminder to someone, they'll receive a notification about it.

How to unassign reminders

If you decide to remove assignees from your reminders, you can do so by simply clicking x Button next to the Authorized representative Button. Alternatively, you can Ctrl-click and select Assign> None, or click The information Button and choose None of the To assign Popup menu.

How to reassign reminders

If you think someone else might be better suited for the task, you can reassign the reminder to someone else as well. Just repeat one of the steps and choose a different officer. You can also click Authorized representative Button that has either the person's picture or initials, and then click Reassign.

Achieving more together

To-do apps are popular because they help you organize and plan so you can get more done in the same time. What if you use them with others? Imagine the boost collaboration could have on your to-do list.

Reminders make assignment seamless, but they also make communication easier and avoid unnecessary overlaps and misunderstandings.

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