Apple Warns In opposition to Closing MacBooks with Digicam Covers

Apple has issued a warning about closing the MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro when a camera cover is installed, as this may damage the computer screen.

Camera covers are growing in popularity due to growing concerns from hackers who are taking over integrated webcams from computers. However, on a support page discovered by MacRumors, Apple said that closing the MacBook with a camera cover can damage the display because the distance between the screen and keyboard is "designed to tolerate very tight tolerances."

In addition to the potential damage, Apple said that using a camera cover will affect MacBook features like auto brightness and True Tone, as this will interfere with the ambient light sensor.

Instead of attaching a camera cover, Apple MacBook owners recommend looking for the indicator light that glows green when the camera is in use. Apple ensures that the camera is not activated without the indicator lamp also lighting up. MacBook owners also have control over which apps access the camera through the computer's system settings.

For work environments in which a camera cover is required, the camera cover, according to Apple, should not be thicker than 0.1 mm printer paper and should not leave any adhesive residue.

Is your webcam hacked?

There are some telltale signs that a webcam has been hacked, including an indicator light that comes on at unusual times, browser extensions that turn on the webcam, and unexpected webcam video files that are stored on the computer, among other things.

A camera cover will surely solve the problem that hackers may be watching over your computer's webcam. For MacBook owners, however, learning the signs of a hacked webcam is a free alternative to repairing the computer screen.

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