Apple November 10 Occasion: Apple Silicon Macs to be Introduced

Apple will hold a special event on November 10th at 10am that will likely showcase the first Macs with Apple silicon processors, along with a number of other possible products. It's the third Apple virtual event in as many months after the company's shows in September and October.

At its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2020, Apple announced that it would no longer equip its Macs with Intel processors, but rather replace them with their own ARM-based chips. These new processors – called Apple Silicon – are much more powerful than previous Intel equivalents, but use much less power, according to Apple.

Since that statement, there has been much speculation about which Macs will be the first to feature Apple Silicon. Two strong candidates are the 16-inch MacBook Pro and its 13-inch sibling. The 16-inch MacBook Pro was unveiled on November 13, 2019, almost exactly a year before Apple's upcoming event, and needs an update.

That being said, there's also talk of Apple working on a 12-inch Apple Silicon Mac, which could be a revived 12-inch MacBook or a revitalized 11-inch MacBook Air with a bigger screen and thinner bezels . According to the China Times, Apple is also preparing to launch an Apple Silicon iMac in the first part of 2021. While it is possible that all of these devices could be featured at the November 10th event, a smaller selection is more likely.

More than just Macs

When he announced Intel's departure at WWDC, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the first Apple Silicon Macs would arrive before the end of 2020. With the event planned for early November, this still seems possible as the company often brings products to market a week or two after their announcement. For example, the iPhone 12 Pro was unveiled on October 23, 10 days after it was unveiled by Apple at the October iPhone event.

What else could we see on November 10th? According to various analysts and leakers, Apple has been working hard on a high-end pair of headphones known as the AirPods Studio. These offer active noise cancellation and several modular, interchangeable parts, and cost $ 349.

There are also references to tile-like tracking devices known as AirTags. These can be magnetically attached to your valuables and tracked in an app on your Apple device. Evidence of their existence has existed for more than a year. The iOS 13 leaked code reveals the name in October 2019.

Apple has used its own ARM-based chips in its devices for many years, with iPhones, iPads, the Apple Watch, and more using a processor developed by Apple. Macs have largely remained exempted, however (with the exception of the T2 security chip) – but it appears that Apple's frustration with Intel's frequent delays has led the Apple Silicon family to expand to include laptops and desktop computers. We'll know more in a few days.

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