Apple has also fixed these security breaches in WebKit for users with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur.

If you have an older Mac with macOS Mojave or Catalina, it is recommended that you download Safari 14.1 to increase the security of your computer and protect your privacy.

Safari 14.1 resolves three vulnerabilities in WebKit

This is because the new version of Safari 14.1 fixes WebKit vulnerabilities that allow bad actors to run unwanted code on your computer without the user's consent. WebKit is a layout engine used by Apple's own Safari browser and all third-party browsers on the iPhone and iPad.

The errors are described in a support document on the Apple website.

Safari 14.1 patches contain three main vulnerabilities that extend through WebKit, WebKit Storage, and WebKit RTC. In WebKit, Apple fixed an input validation issue with improved input validation. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to create malicious web content that could lead to a cross-site scripting attack. This is a technique that malicious individuals can use to insert client-side scripts into web pages that other users are viewing.

The WebKit memory bug allowed hackers to execute arbitrary code on a user's device without consent through maliciously crafted web content. According to the company, WebKit Storage "fixed a usage after free issue with improved storage management."

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The company has recognized that this particular flaw may have been actively exploited in the wild. So it's definitely a good idea to upgrade to Safari 14.1 on your older Mac running macOS Mojave or Catalina software. To do this, start the system settings app and select the "Software update" option in the "System settings" window. Then follow the on-screen instructions to download and install Safari 14.1.

Are other Apple devices at risk?

The company recently fixed security breaches in WebKit on its other platforms. With the release of iOS and iPadOS 14.5.1, Apple fixed the WebKit bugs on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. On the Mac, the same issues were fixed with macOS Bug Sur 11.3.1.

Last but not least, Apple also released iOS 12.5.3, which fixes the WebKit bugs on older devices that are not compatible with the latest iOS 14 software, including the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and the sixth generation iPad mini 3 and iPod touch.

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