Apple Is Promoting a $19 Sharpening Fabric, however You Do not Want It

Apple sells a $ 19 polishing cloth for "safe and effective" cleaning of your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. But you don't have to buy it; here is the reason.

Apple has been known to launch ridiculously expensive accessories for its products that should have been in the box in the first place. For example, the stand for the Pro Display XDR is sold separately for $ 999 and the wheels for the Mac Pro computer tower are sold separately for $ 699. In addition to that list, albeit on a relatively smaller scale, Apple has now launched a "polishing cloth" for $ 19.

What is special about Apple's polishing cloth?

Apple tacitly presented its polishing cloth alongside the new MacBook Pro models and AirPods 3 at its "Unleashed" event on October 18th. The cloth is made of a "soft, non-abrasive material". It is designed to "safely and effectively" clean any Apple display, including nano-textured glass.

The only other highlight of the cloth is that it has an Apple logo stamped on it.

Apple bundles the same cloth with the Pro Display XDR. It is primarily intended to clean the display without damaging the nano-textured glass. On the Apple Store list, Apple says the cloth is compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus and newer, iPad 5 and newer, Apple Watch Series 1 and newer, Pro Display XDR, and all newer iMac and MacBook Pro models.

But Apple does not provide an explanation as to why this cloth is not compatible with every device with a screen made by some company.

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Why you don't need the Apple polishing cloth

If you don't have the Pro Display XDR and have lost the cleaning cloth that came with it, you don't need to purchase this polishing cloth. It doesn't offer anything special that cleans your Mac or iPhone display better than a regular lint-free microfiber cloth.

Buying a $ 19 polishing cloth for an iPhone or Apple Watch makes little sense, as equally effective microfiber cloths can be found for as little as $ 0.58 when you buy a pack of 24 on Amazon, and all of those cloths cost still less than a single Apple wipe.

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Only owners of Pro Display XDR need this cloth

The polishing cloth from Apple is supposed to protect the nano-textured glass of the Pro Display XDR. But no other Apple products come with nano-textured glass, so the polishing cloth is in no way useful to them. So save your money and just buy a microfiber cloth from Amazon for a few euros.

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