There is no word on why it has been pushed back except to ensure the "best experience for creator and listener".

At its Spring Loaded special event in April, Apple announced that it would offer Apple Podcast subscriptions.

Rather than being a monthly subscription service organized by Apple like Apple Arcade or Apple Fitness +, the idea was to give developers the ability to set subscription costs for their podcasts, which Apple would then cut in the form of a commission. At the event, Apple executives noted that Apple Podcasts subscriptions will be available in 170 countries from "next month," in May.

However, with May ending quickly, Apple sent an email to the podcast creators noting that the rollout of Apple podcast subscriptions has been postponed until June. No specifics were given as to why this was the case, but hard work was done to provide "the best experience for creators and listeners". The email was reported by Apple Insider.

No exact start date announced

An exact launch date is not provided in the email to the podcast creators. Technically, "June" could just mean a few days. That seems unlikely, however, as Apple likely wouldn't highlight that any of its new product offerings were late if it didn't hit the market until a day or two after Apple's announcement.

With the last three days of May being a weekend and Memorial Day holiday, Apple is unlikely to see too much work done by June. In other words, it is likely that this delay will be at least a week or more.

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2021) begins June 7th and runs through June 11th. Apple may use the event to share more details about the Apple Podcast Subscription Service.

A new source of income for Apple

The feature promises to be a new source of income for Apple. At the Spring Loaded event, Apple suggested that subscriptions should start at around $ 0.49 / month. However, the podcasts featured in Apple's promotional images show higher prices of $ 2.99 / month and $ 5.99 / month.

As mentioned earlier, Apple will cut developer revenue by 30% in the first year. This drops to 15% in the second year. Apple also charges podcast creators an additional payment of $ 19.99 per year to use the subscription feature.

Apple is currently being challenged by various developers in several countries for the antitrust legality of charging a similar cut in app-generated revenue through the App Store.

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