Apple Could Not Have a March 16 Occasion After All

An Apple event on March 16 was rumored. According to a top Apple reporter, that doesn't happen.

Apple event

An Apple event on March 16 was mentioned as possible by multiple online sources. However, according to well-known Bloomberg Apple reporter Mark Gurman, this is not happening!

Gurman responded to a number of Apple tipsters, including Jon Prosser and Twitter tidbits @FrontTron and @LeaksApplePro, all of whom claim to have an inside track when it comes to Apple news. You have already proposed March 16 for an Apple event that supposedly will (or have been) showcasing the long-awaited AirTags, the new iPad Pro, and possibly other products.

Apple Tim Cook

In response to the speculation, Gurman wrote, "There will be no end (an event on that day)." In a subsequent tweet, Gurman confirmed that, as far as he knows, the launch of the AirTags for location tracking will not take place on March 16.

No Apple event on March 16

It is not clear from his answer whether there will be no March event at all, or simply none on that particular day.

Six out of ten years in the past decade, Apple had March events. There were none in March last year. However, this was very likely due to the coronavirus pandemic, which ultimately led Apple to switch from live special events in front of an audience to virtual events that were shot in advance.

The theory that Apple had an event scheduled for March 2020 is backed by the fact that the company released new iPad Pro tablets, a Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, and a MacBook Air earlier this month via press release.

There are definitely products that Apple is expected to release in March 2021. In addition to AirTags and iPad Pro, there is also the option of a redesigned M1 Apple Silicon iMac and new AirPods. However, in a February 20 tweet, Jon Prosser said he hadn't heard that any of these latter products would be out in March.


That's all I heard in March

I haven't heard of an iMac or AirPods yet

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) February 20, 2021

Q1 event likely on the horizon

Still, it seems incredibly likely that there will actually be an Apple event sometime in March. But betting against Mark Gurman, who has an AppleTrack accuracy rating of 89.1% based on 402 rumors, seems like a breeze. For comparison: Jon Prosser has an AppleTrack accuracy of 78.2%, based on 147 rumors.

With March just around the corner, at least we don't have to wait too long to find out what Apple has planned. After another record quarter, it will certainly be fascinating to see what the people at Cupertino have in store for fans.


Apple had a record $ 111 billion in the first quarter of 2021

Every Apple product category saw massive growth during the quarter.

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